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what my f**Ked up dick head waste of life bastard ex wont do to get out of paying csa payments...

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juicychops · 19/09/2007 13:28

i applied last september and after waiting 5 months it finally all got sorted in march this year. Juat as first payment was due ex got the sack from his job and so back to square 1.

waited another 4 months for csa to track him down and get him to send in his payments for assessment and finally got my first payment of £160. Comes to August for my second payment and he refuses to pay saying his wages have been reduced.

So he gets 2 weeks to send in his new wage details and he refuses to send them in.

so yesterday csa rang me to tell me that when the went to set up a deduction from earnings with his employer they found out he has only fucking quit his job now!!

now ive got to wait for them to track him down again if they ever do!

This is absolute crap and just a joke. Im already in debt by £270 as thats what the august payment was supposed to be and as i didn't think anything would go wrong i totally overspent that month buying ds loads and going to nice places. Now my debt is getting biggere and bigger because i only just manage to pay all the bills/car/shopping etc with hardly anything to spare.

Cant believe this is happening. He is the worst excuse for a dad i could ever imagine in all my life. He hasn't even seen him in over 1.5 years and he lives less than 10 mins walk away.

i hate him with a passion and i cant wait until the day they track him down. Hopefully it will go to court and he will be ordered to pay out a lump sum. He owes over £1500 and he knows how much i will be suffering. Him and his mum will be having a big laugh about it.

OP posts:
NAB3 · 19/09/2007 13:29

What a git.

juicychops · 19/09/2007 13:30

The only good thing about it is that he hasn't informed csa that he has quit his job which means the money is still adding up every week that passes

OP posts:
muma3 · 19/09/2007 15:28

my dd1 dad did this to me. except he just kept changing jobs told them he then earnt less but infact he earnt more !! it is now through deduction of earnings . he has paid around 1000 in 10 years !!

juicychops · 19/09/2007 15:37

Thats crap. it just makes me sick how these 'men' can be so unbelievably selfish and not give a shit about their own child

OP posts:
beller · 19/09/2007 15:57


ggglimpopo · 19/09/2007 16:09

My xb gave up work and emigrated to Portugal where he now lives with a girl he met on a beach. Everything he now owns is in her name "so I will never ever have to pay a penny of child support".

I cannot wait for her to do a runner with the next idiot she meets on the beach.

pooka · 19/09/2007 16:12

Good god! What sorry sorry excuses for men/fathers these arseholes are. Cannot believe them.

Shoshable · 19/09/2007 16:18

I had one who did this for 16 years owes me thousands that I will never see.

NAB3 · 19/09/2007 19:06

Yet these men would prob pay quite hapily if they were still living as a family. What is wrong with them?? The CSA needs a big kick in the Bllcks.

Tinkerbel5 · 20/09/2007 09:54

juicychops sounds like he will be job hopper where maintenance is concerned, if you do ever get any treat it as a bonus and not money that is to be relied on, if they csa do manage to track him down then try to get a deduction order on his wages.

smeeinit · 20/09/2007 09:55

juicy,i sense from the title that you still have many feelings for your ex?!!

Dropdeadfred · 20/09/2007 10:01

if he lives 10 mins away you could try seeing if you could find out where he now works, my friend did this and informed csa and they contacted the firm quite quickly.

hatwoman · 20/09/2007 10:08

I know it doesn;t pay the bills but console yourself with the thought that he is an arsehole; that by not watching his children grow up he is missing out on one of life's greatest pleasures and on the loving adult relationships with our children that the rest of us look forward to; he is the looser. in every meaning of the word.

I so know that doesn;t pay the bills but please take one positive thing from this - which is feeling good about yourself.

prettyfly1 · 22/09/2007 12:59

I went through all this and do you know what - the day i decided to provide for my son myself and let him get on with it was the hardest and best day of my life. This man will not change and you will spend years bickering over money, getting into debt and furious with rage and bitterness that will eat you up. The others wont agree but i say let it go (so very much easier said then done). Ultimately your children will realise what a waster their dad is and how brave you are and he will spend his life missing out on the greatest gift life has - being the lvoe and respect of our children_ because he is a selfish conniving git capable of leaving his own kid to suffer without. The csa are shite. Wait a year and see what the new ones are like - if its true and they do send someone to prison itll be worth the wait for all the gits who think they can procreate and disappear at will!!!!

Roo77 · 22/09/2007 13:04

I knew my ex would be like this so I chose to not even bother. I have never applied for child support and I never will. He didn't want me to continue with the pregnancy, I did, he doesn't / has never seen dd so as far as I am concerned her shoulnd't have to pay. Also I think paying maintenance would actually make him think he should see her inexchange for his money so I would rather just leave it than have him come crashing back into our lives.

prettyfly1 · 22/09/2007 13:05

i feel exactly the same now roo. sometimes the trade off just isnt worth it.

random · 22/09/2007 21:21

Hear hear! prettyfly 1 Its their loss let them live with it

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