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Xp accidently text me....I have never been so angry in my LIFE

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charliecat · 13/09/2007 15:56

Xp accidently text me what he was sending to someone else.
X is not letting me c kids 2nite she is being an ass 2day.
I have never, not once said he couldnt see the fucking kids.
I have screamed at him so much i can barely talk.
The man who gets to see his kids at 30 minutes notice gets no sympathy from anyone does he.
So hes going round saying I wont let him see the kids so hes got something to say.
Honestly the RAGE in me.

Please pat my back and tell me hes a fucking arse.

OP posts:
fryalot · 13/09/2007 15:57
IntergalacticWalrus · 13/09/2007 15:57

he's a fucking arse

He really is
Bluestocking · 13/09/2007 15:57

He's a dicksplatting bugf*cker. Take no notice.
IntergalacticWalrus · 13/09/2007 15:57

lol sqounk!

charliecat · 13/09/2007 16:01

Thank you, thats all I needed to know.
Now the funny thing is, he must Farking KNOW that im too fucking decent not to stop him seeing the farking kids because otherwise when in the future if I really did stop seeng the kids, he would have been saying it for 6 months he would have had no story to tell having already told it.
I could strangle him.

OP posts:
fryalot · 13/09/2007 16:02

take a deep breath, know that you are the one who really cares about the kids, open a bottle of wine or something and then go and kick a couple of cushions around the house.

charliecat · 13/09/2007 16:04

I kicked the fridge earlier actually, now you mention it. With flipflops on

OP posts:
fryalot · 13/09/2007 16:04


Doodledootoo · 13/09/2007 16:04

Message withdrawn

Desiderata · 13/09/2007 16:06

Why was your fridge wearing flip flops?

FoghornLeghorn · 13/09/2007 16:08

Defo wanker

FoghornLeghorn · 13/09/2007 16:09


Defo wanker arse

Emzy5 · 13/09/2007 16:10

what an arsehead.

mytwopenceworth · 13/09/2007 16:10

He's a fuckwit.

I mean, what's he thinking. He must be so dense that light actually bends around him!

Talk about evolution in reverse......Does he have to be watered twice a week or what?

What did he say when you yelled at him?

charliecat · 13/09/2007 16:13

He said he didnt mean to text me.
He said that my text, saying, I dont know if the kids will want to come to yours, ill text you later...interpretates as YOU CANT SEE YOUR KIDS....not Im gonna ask them if they want to come to yours if not ill text you later and let you know.
He DID not apologise for running me down when I have done nothign but accomodate the fucking prick. And he wanted me to ring him when id picked up the kids from school. Must think im a free fucking taxi service.

OP posts:
RedBundle · 13/09/2007 16:13

does he know that he sent the text to you by mistake?

and yes, he's an arse

charliecat · 13/09/2007 16:14

Yes he knows. i text back saying X said no such thing. Then he rang and I shouted and screamed and apparently you could hear me outside on the pavement with all windows and doors shut.

OP posts:
RedBundle · 13/09/2007 16:17

don't blame you.
however, you might want to rethink the letting him have the kids at short notice thing. it is, after all v disruptive for you and them. i think he needs to grow up and some Rules might help him and show him how serious you are (not that shouting isn't serious )

charliecat · 13/09/2007 16:19

Oh I wholeheartedly agree, but WORK you must understand come first
Which means there would be a whole lot of waiting and texting and cant make it and feck arsing around.
So he comes and goes as he pleases, and tells the world that he cant see them.
What a fucking little wankstain.
Did I say that already?

OP posts:
charliecat · 13/09/2007 17:01

So I HAD said i was taking them over tonight. Do i?

OP posts:
charliecat · 13/09/2007 17:01

I dont even know if hes going to be in. FGS.

OP posts:
SleeplessInTheStaceym11House · 13/09/2007 17:15

i would let them go if they want. its about them ultimately!

although he is a wankstain (im not allowed to say words like that!)

charliecat · 13/09/2007 17:20

Ive just rang him. Hes in bed, doesnt want them over as his landlady has cancer and her immune system is down.
Never heard of a park of course.

OP posts:
lou33 · 13/09/2007 17:21
charliecat · 13/09/2007 18:06

And now hes going to have them tommorow for a couple of hours before he goes out.
The sickening thing is, his landlady will still be under the impression that hes not seeing his kids because his bitch of an X (thats me) hasnt let him.
Words fail me, except for the swear ones.

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