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DD5 just gone ecstatically into year 1, I can't help feeling its just what she needs, to take her mind off her crap time with dad recently. I am so bloody proud of her

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pirategirl · 04/09/2007 10:22

she hopped and skipped all the way. Was so excited bless her. Hugged her friends, and generally smiled like a little cheshire cat.

Wasn't bothered at all when i left.

BUT I was, I am happy but sad too, its too quiet, and I miss her already!!!

She also made her mind up this weekend that she didn't want to see her dad, so I said she didn't have too.

I have striven to make her want to go for 2 yrs but I cant be assed anymore.

She is feeling empowered methinks!!!

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Budababe · 04/09/2007 10:24

She sounds great pirategirl. Not sure of your story but the fact that she made that decision herself will be good for her.

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