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single mums in hampshire ?

4 replies

maltesers · 02/09/2007 00:33

any single mums aroung me that would like to meet? I have 3 kids ,one ds of nearly 7 and 2 teenagers, one at Uni and dd going to sixth form. get lonely at weekends especially when ds of 7 yrs goes to dad. anyone in same boat ? ? ?

OP posts:
MamaMaiasaura · 02/09/2007 00:36

aww. Undersatnd what you mean about when your ds visits his dad on a weekend. My ds is with my ex this weekend and dp is away. Feels so quiet and empty in house when ds goes. My ds is also 7. Am not single but understand the missing your ds. x

pinkdiamonds4me · 29/10/2007 07:12

i live in east hants and have a 9 yo and a 1 year old and get bored on sundays. any one like to meet up somewhere, (with children)

harrietsmum · 29/10/2007 21:50

I am in Southampton and finding life without kids every other weekend difficult !

pinkdiamonds4me · 19/12/2007 23:59

hi just thought i'd bring the post up again. anyone looking for things to do with children or coffee mornings/afternoons particularly on sundays

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