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Hate being a single parent & miss my kids

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mistressmiggins · 10/08/2007 17:05

they are at their dads for the week - lovely weather so I know theyre having a great time but I miss them....only 2 more days

people who say "must be nice to have a break" etc dont understand

yes I know they need to spend time with their dad & I know they're ok but I hate it

feel like my arm has been cut off

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winnie · 10/08/2007 17:14

hello mistressmiggins, I haven't seen you for a while. I am sorry you are hating this week without your children. I have no answers I am afraid just lots of sympathy. How are things generally with you? Take care, winnie {{{}}}

brightwell · 10/08/2007 17:18

I know how you feel. My dc have been with their dad for almost 2 weeks, I used to hate it when they were away. Now I busy myself with work, catching up with jobs round the house and meeting up with friends. I miss them but the time goes quickly enough, I can't wait til they come home on Sunday.How old are they & how long have you been seperated/divorced? I coming up for 8 years, it certainly gets easier with time.

mistressmiggins · 10/08/2007 17:18

I think its also cos still trying to get the divorce sorted & ex is dragging his heels. Cant understand why he is leaving me in limbo over the money etc (which is a constant worry) when it affects me & therefore the children.

I know they are having a great time but when I had children I didnt sign up for weeks without them & its pants

oh well back on Sunday

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mistressmiggins · 10/08/2007 17:20

my children are 5 & 3 and I dont worry about the 5 yr old cos he understands but the 3 yr old is so clingy & irritable when she comes back from a weekend away.

I know it does get easier - been separated for 20 mths now & I havent cried this time but still miss them....

having my hair coloured on Sat so thats a nice treat without feeling guilty about getting a babysitter

OP posts:
ricepuddingpaddington · 10/08/2007 17:21

Poor you misstressm. Sorry you are feeling blue. And sorry he's being a twunt about ££.
Can you have a really deep bath with glass of wine or few tonight and early bed? They'll be back soon. (sassy)

winnie · 11/08/2007 09:23

MM, I think you will always miss them when they are away it just becomes easier to bear given time and a level of stability.

Hope you are feeling a little better today.
Enjoy your haircut

ladymac · 11/08/2007 11:08

Mistress, I know just how you feel. Today is my birthday and ex is taking dd2 (age 10) off for a week. She has been with him since tuesday, though he let her come out with us for a meal last night. But I cried in the street when my 19 yr old ds took her back to her dad's house after the meal.

I am now with a wonderful man, we have a 4 month old dd. But I still cry every time dd2 goes off, even though dd1 and ds are around (they are grown up so are off doing their own thing).

Even hate it when she goes to him every other weekend.

Catnkids · 11/08/2007 16:20

I know how you feel. My 3 have gone away for the weekend with their dad and his parents. It's the first time they've been away and longest they've ever been away from me. They went yesterday and I've been keeping myself really busy today but still missing them like mad. They're in rural Wales with no mobile network so I can't even text them. It's the longest I've been without talking to them.

Funny how so many people say "enjoy your time off and indulge yourself" -

I hope it gets easier as time goes on, the first time away is the worst....?

ladymac · 11/08/2007 17:27

I've tried to do stuff today but have been moping around a bit.

At least I got a text when they got there. Feel for you Cat with no possible contact.

Dd3 not mad on stepmum either. She has heard them having sex when she's been staying with them before so i dread to think what they'll be like on holiday!

CamperShoes · 11/08/2007 19:18

Well, of course, you miss them - they're really little and you're their Mum.

I think most people's advice is the usual distraction technique - and it does work for some of the time. Reading, serious films and good wine are definitely in my arsenal!

Take care - I hope the next two days fly and your two have had a good time. Remember: you now have loads of time to enjoy them before September.

mistressmiggins · 12/08/2007 20:01

they are back
they jumped out the car & I picked up DS (5) who is very heavy but we both hugged each other so tight "I love you mummy" he said.
The oddest thing is that to begin with with they get back you feel like a phrases they say etc

Catnkids - the first EVERYTHING is hard - first bday, first weekend without kids, first single parent trip but it does get easier

and first thing DS said was "your hair looks lovely mummy"
clearly doesnt get his sensitivity and charm from his dad

OP posts:
CamperShoes · 12/08/2007 20:25

Ahhhh - that is so lovely and shows what a good job you're doing. Compliments are so important - bless him.

Glad they're home .

Catnkids · 12/08/2007 21:22

Mine are home too!! BIIIIIG hugs when they got back, I would've squished them flat if I'd hugged them more!

But within hours they'd bickered and I'd sent them to their rooms to cool off.

They've come home tired, dirty and hungry. I can't believe that (especially with their grandmother there) no-one thought to put the kids in the shower, make sure they had breakfast and got them into bed at a reasonable time (not in that order of course!).

I've fed them, washed them and got them into bed early. I'm so pleased they're back. I'm a mum again!!

mistressmiggins · 12/08/2007 22:27

thats life Catnkids
I fantasize about them coming home & being perfect mum BUT kids are kids & when home, they relax & misbehave & you have to discipline etc & thats life
isnt it wonderful

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