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first weekend without my kids is it normal to be nervous ?

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lillaura123 · 10/08/2007 15:06

h and i seperated earlier this week, and he wants to see kids this weekend. as he has nowhere to stay yet i said he could have them here. so im going to see friends tonight and staying at my mums tmrw. it will be the first time i have left all three with him at all let alone overnight. is it normal to feel this nervous , i havnt left dd2 yet she is only 3 months old . does it get easier ?

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kama · 10/08/2007 15:08

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lillaura123 · 10/08/2007 15:10

thing is i want him to see them but i dont want to be there in case he thinks i want to spend time with him - maybe i will stick about abit tonight to see how he copes, and put my mind at ease for tmrw night - maybe take dd2 with me - but then im giving him an easy ride - god this is hard to fathem

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brandnewhelsy · 10/08/2007 15:12

Can't you say you just want him to see them in the day? I'd be nervous, too.

lillaura123 · 10/08/2007 15:17

mm i know im sure he will be fine as he has done bedtime routine and stuff b4 - then i keep thinkg would he have douted me handling all three when he went bk to work after having dd2? the only answer i come up with is of course not, something tells me to have more faith in him, think its more about me being away from them than his capabilities.

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