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hard to be alone with 3 kids

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chikenmother · 15/07/2007 22:32

Hi everyone! I recently found mumsnet and became absolutly enthousiastic about it. Finding so many mums talking about those little things of our daily lives only we can understand just brings my life a great confort.

I have 3 kids and do not live in the UK. I understand most of you are english and what really touches me is seeing that you all live and feel the same way I do...

I´ve been alone for 6 years now and do not intend to re-marry or have another relationship because of the very difficult things i`ve been through. My kids are my life and I work very hard to support us and educate them the best I can.

Is there anyone like me around?

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BBBBasilisk · 15/07/2007 22:34

Not the same siutation as you but htere are plenty who are and plenty who will understand.

Nice to meet you - see you around.

onlyjoking9329 · 15/07/2007 22:35

Hi welcome to mumsnet, we have spoken before!
i too have three children but i am not a single parent thou with DHs ill health i do all of the parenting at the moment.

AugustusRookWhooosh · 15/07/2007 22:36

A singel parent of one is hard enough-let alone three.Ages admittedly change things but welcome-you will get some great advice/sanity checks here!

PastMyBedtime · 15/07/2007 22:50


Got two, also live abroad and ex- about to go back to the UK. MN helps me keep sane. Usually lurk, change my name often - ex knows I'm on here.

Don't imagine I'll be dating for some time, the very idea is weird. As for kids, they are the best thing in life, even after a bad night.


chikenmother · 15/07/2007 22:55

Hi onlyjoking, we spoke yesterday! Just arrived and already finding known people... Augustus, things change but don´t necessarily become easier from what I´ve been seing till now...Sometimes I fell really depressed

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AugustusRookWhooosh · 15/07/2007 23:06

I'm not surprised! Any age and combination brings it's difficulties-how old are they?

Nightynight · 15/07/2007 23:27

I have 4 children and am also a lone parent. we live in Germany at the moment.
We also had a bad time, and I am very wrapped up with the children now.
Looking forward to talking to you!

chikenmother · 15/07/2007 23:27

12, 14 and 17, 2 boys and 1 girl (the oldest).

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CarGirl · 15/07/2007 23:28

NightyNight does that mean they are all home again really hope so

Nightynight · 15/07/2007 23:37


I was on here to search for my old thread to add a post.
Picked them up on Saturday, after he left them in filthy, ragged clothes at the police station. Ex h is seriously disturbed, but so violent that it is hard to know what to do to help him.
(sorry for hijack btw!)

CarGirl · 15/07/2007 23:39

am so so so so so so so so so so so pleased for you all, hopefully they won't be keen to see him for a while

chikenmother · 15/07/2007 23:41

What´s the matter with your ex-h nightynight? police station?? violent? has he any mental disorder or so? How old are your kids?

OP posts:
Nightynight · 15/07/2007 23:43

when we got home, ds1 jumped out of the car and kissed the pavement in front of our house 3 or 4 times! this weekend was chaos, I will email you later. night for now.

Nightynight · 15/07/2007 23:45

I think he has a mental disorder, chikenmo, but dont really know a lot about it. Children are quite young, 10 and under.

chikenmother · 15/07/2007 23:57

Mine are teen-agers, broke my nerves...nigt then, talk to you later.

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