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Need some advice for a friend who wants to leave her husband

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FlamingTomatoes · 01/07/2007 20:47

My friend and her husband are splitting up, and she needs to know where she stands financially and legally. She has nowhere to go and wants to take the children with her - but she doesn't have a job. They own a house, they have some equity in it but she doesn't know how much.

Our local estate agents won't take people on benefits without a guarantor, the council housing list is a mile long, and he isn't abusive. What options does she have?

OP posts:
dissle · 01/07/2007 20:57

citizens advice is the best place to start.

Is there family that she could go to?

defo go to citizens advice.

FlamingTomatoes · 01/07/2007 21:00

she doesn't have family she can go to - she is going to CAB in the morning

OP posts:
NurseyJo · 01/07/2007 21:03

This reply has been deleted

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