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Feeling fed up again :(

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ishouldlearnfromthepast · 27/04/2007 14:20

Thats just it really, fed up of being lonely, fed up of dealing with court etc, all my money worries. Everythings just getting to me, its all been going on too long now, I just want my happy ending
Not really expecting any replies just want to tell someone iyswim.

OP posts:
neva · 27/04/2007 18:34

Hi, just remember you're not alone, lots of single mums going through the same thing! I read a book once (maybe by Susan Jeffers who I recommend) which suggested keeping a journal of all the good things in your day, however small, to keep you positive. Also, that you can actually choose to be happy, even if bad stuff is happening around you. Hope you're feeing a bit better.

hoolagirl · 27/04/2007 18:46

It won't last forever, just hang in there girl!
There's loads of people going through the same, so your not alone x

Upsadaisy · 27/04/2007 19:00

Be kind to something special for yourself soemthing simple that would be...well just nice.
Duvet on the settee watching anything and everything.
A bath with a good book
turn your covers down on the night and turn your lamp on so when you go to bed its all cosy.
Put a cup out for in the morning and stick a teabag in /coffee so when you get up in morning you just need to boil kettle and add water.
Understand that your going through a tough time and your feelings are natural and go with them if you want to wallow for a while just wallow don't fight it. A bit of wallowing is good for the heart and soul as long as you recognise when enough is enough and come up for air.

These are just a few silly to give you the jist. Be kind to yourself.

Upsadaisy · 27/04/2007 19:11

Ooh horlicks/hot milk/ovaltine/hot chocalate won't solve your problems but its pampering yourself in a comfort sort of way

Paddlechick666 · 27/04/2007 19:40


i empathise totally, it's so easy to get dragged down by it all.

i had my first night away from dd last week since she was born. it was a bit of a wrench but actually it's done absolute wonders for me personally and the knock on effect on my relationship with dd is fabulous.

is there anyway you could do something like that?

i left dd with grandma and next week she's going to grandma's house for 2 nights. i am incredibly lucky that they're really close and i know she'll have a ball.

hope you're feeling a bit better and not so alone and isolated now.

ishouldlearnfromthepast · 27/04/2007 23:30

Thanks all, reading these has made me get all emotional again. I am really lucky that my parents have ds for me often because they really enjoy having him and he loves them to bits so I know hes safe and happy there. Think the loneliness (sp?) is getting to me the most at the moment, I've just missed out on a great relationship because I had no selfconfidence to tell him how I felt. (This happened another time a couple of years ago too). Have also had a rough time with family illness in the past yr and almost lost 3 out of 7 close family members.
Thanks again for being so kind and for the tips I will put them to the test next week, its silly but I'd never thought of most of them.

OP posts:
madamez · 27/04/2007 23:35

Poor you, hug your way . You're doing a good thing to let your dd stay with grandma often: it means there's another adult in dd's life who she knows loves her (collect as many of them as possible, the more the better: grandparents, friends, cousins...) and it also gives you a break now and again. Because, much as you love your LO, you need a certain amount of time (even if it's only an hour a week or so in the early days) to remember that you're you as well as someone's mum.

climbingwalls · 28/04/2007 16:46

Hi, all the tips I wanted to give you have already been mentioned!

You are not alone, I have had periods of feeling really down and lonely too, it is hard but there are positive things you can do to make yourself feel a bit better, even if it just having a long quiet bath or eating chocolate!

Do you get to go out when your DD is with her grandparents? I found taking up a sport really useful and it was something I looked forward to every week, DS would go to granny's and I'd get my own time doing something completely unrelated to being a mum. It made me feel like a normal human being again and was great for releasing stress and frustration etc!

I have an idea: print this thread out so whenever you're feeling bad you can read through this and try some of the suggestions here and at least know you are not alone in feeling like this sometimes!

Hope you're having a good weekend.

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