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Just had CSA on the phone

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Ulysees · 26/04/2007 11:28

I'm presently on IS and child tax. They told me today if my CSA is above IS then that'll stop so really I think I'll be better going back to work?
Anyone experienced this? Would appreciate any advice, TIA

OP posts:
charliecat · 26/04/2007 11:30

Have a fiddle with the figures at
How much CSA are they taking from your X?
Are they likely to get it? Will he stop working?
You will probably be best off working 16 hours, claiming child and working tax credit and getting your CSA.

Ulysees · 26/04/2007 11:36

thanks charliecat. I don't know how much yet but he has his own business. Won't how often they're at his affect him? They stay 3 nights. Would that affect my IS do you know?

OP posts:
charliecat · 26/04/2007 11:59

I dont think it will affect your IS...but I will be back in a min with a link re overnight stays.......

charliecat · 26/04/2007 12:01

Cant find the link, but heres a calculator to work out roughly what he will be paying If you still know the sort of wages he will be earning.

charliecat · 26/04/2007 12:03

Did the IS forms ask if the children would be staying elsewhere overnight?
It will affect the amount he has to pay, lessen it for CSA purposes.
Not sure about IS, might be worth giving them a ring to find out.

Ulysees · 26/04/2007 12:34

thanks CC
The girl on the phone said it will affect IS. His wages change as he's self employed. He gets a fair whack though. I'm going to be worse off as will have HB and council tax to pay now. He hasn't given me much money, the odd tenner, but bought a few things. Not been good with me that way, think he's trying to get me to be so poor I'll go crawling back. He'll have a long wait

OP posts:
Ulysees · 26/04/2007 12:35

yes they did ask about overnight and I said 2 nights but really they're there 3. I didn't know what to say as scared it affects me?

OP posts:
charliecat · 26/04/2007 13:11 might, but better to be truthful as you wouldnt want to be overpaid and have a huge amount to be paid back.
I think with him being self employed he can get an accountant to fiddle it so it looks like hes earning next to nothing
But he might not. Its meant to be 15% of earning for one child, 20% for 2..25% for 3 and over.
I would think him having them would affect your IS, but I dont know how..maybe ask on on the benefits section...ill link to that if you cant find it.
Working 16 hours means you get to keep any CSA they do manage to get out of him and its not classed as income for Tax Credits so I would think you will be better off working 16 hours.

Twiddle with the calculator I linked to earlier...for example, friend working 16 hours...wants to up hours to 30. She would have been £11 a week better off for 14 hours more work. She didnt up her hours.

Ulysees · 26/04/2007 16:12

thanks again. I just spoke to a mate and she said I should start up my own business. I'm a qualified hairstylist so could do that but I'd probably need a car unless I just work locally? I'll take a look at that site and then once I'm back from holiday I'll go and see a lone parent advisor. Must say the CSA scare the heck out of me as I've heard so many stories.

OP posts:
charliecat · 26/04/2007 17:29

Good idea to see a lone parent advisor They have similar to entitledto up on thier screen and will tell you what options best for you...
Ho ho ho..My dp has another child and out of his 2000 wages, 1400 after tax and NI, which is...350 a week they want 160 of dps wages. Leaving us (2 adults and 2 children) with £190 to pay rent, council tax eat etc with. And thats him earning 2000 a month and being left with 190 a week
160 for one child and 190 for the other whole family. Madness

Ulysees · 26/04/2007 19:16

Awww sorry to hear that It's a nightmare. They don't seem to take real life into account? I'd never see my dh end up penniless, he works hard for his money. If I end up living with my boyfriend then he won't have to pay as much (I don't think?) Also I'm going to get a part time job. Bf has 3 sons in the US who he pays maintenance for but that's between his ex and him. Wonder if they have equivalent to CSA over there? I know life would've been much simpler had I stayed but I just couldn't. At the end of the day as long as the boys are ok then that's our job done.

OP posts:
charliecat · 26/04/2007 19:17

He will have to pay 15%, regardless of your circumstances. This is a recent split isnt it?
Ours is old rules csa. 40% of wages

Ulysees · 26/04/2007 19:19

Oh no that's not fair CC, I'm so for you. Why can't they change the rule now for you? Seems utter madness!!

OP posts:
charliecat · 26/04/2007 19:22

Just the way itis this isnt about me tho But the CSA always gets a rant or two out of everyone
Have the CSA had any money from him yet? It can take MONTHS>>>and MONTHS to sort out. Years even.
Meanwhile he will be building up arrears while they sort it out and it will be arrears from the day you put in the claim so warn him of this.

Ulysees · 26/04/2007 21:15

Thanks Charliecat I'll tell him. He already has debt from a fine (to do with tax) Feel a bit bad for him but he hasn't given me money yet, just bits and bobs. I think he's enjoying the fact I'm hard up but I am coping. He's the one who has no idea about money, never pays bills on time. I did all this. I've even sorted out his phone bill so it's less for him.
Anyway, I'll see what the LPA says when I get back?

OP posts:
Kimmya · 26/04/2007 21:21

I'm on IS and child tax, but I don't get what my child's father pays to CSA. That goes to HM Chancellor! Once I start working again the child maintenance will be paid to me once more. Would agree you are better off working 16+ hours even if you lose housing and/or council benefit.

Ulysees · 27/04/2007 13:56

Thanks kimmya, yes I know the csa payments pay for my IS. I'm definitely going to go back to work. I can fit hairdressing in with school hours anyway so that's ok.

OP posts:
CarGirl · 27/04/2007 14:02

Hi if you work your 16 hours per week you may still get HB & CT benefit as they are means tested anyway. Do you think you can build up enough clients to work 16 hours per week, or if your ex has them at weekends get a Sat in a salon and 2 shifts during the week?

Ulysees · 27/04/2007 20:55

yes I should be able to get clients, even if I just work locally and walk or take the bus. I worked 14 years in a salon so am pretty experienced, especially at cutting and colouring. I think the job centre help you with this anyway. I'll need insurance but that shouldn't be too much? I have a few friends who are freelance so they'll help me out.
I don't think I could work in a salon again, I have to be my own boss. I'll see what happens? exDH loves having the boys so I can work later some nights.

OP posts:
charliecat · 28/04/2007 10:05

Could you take advantage of the schemes they have for getting people back to work getting help setting up a mobile business or a salon of your own somewhere?

Ulysees · 28/04/2007 10:48

Hi Charliecat, yes I think I'll try for that. Thanks for all your help I must say I was dreading going back to work a couple of months back but that was because I was so stressed with my split and house move. Now I'm settled I have more confidence. I left dh but it's still stressful.

OP posts:
pickledpear · 28/04/2007 11:09

can someone tell me the answer to this silly rule.
my dh left with his son from previous relationship to live with a woman and her 2 ds. csa said they run their own hotel and he has 3 dependents so his dds come after them so he pays £2.50 a week for them to me via csa
how is that fair i struggle now on IS

charliecat · 28/04/2007 11:15

When was the claim for csa put in pickled pear? Its its an old rules then its up to 40% of wages/profit. If its new then its 15% of wages, but a percent is allocated for the new children, so much for 1, 2, 3 ect.
Its easy to cook the book than if he was workng for someone

pickledpear · 28/04/2007 11:18

CC - four years ago and he changed jobs since he was working for his brother and his girlfriend too and so they had flat above pub allthey paid for was council tax absoulety nothing else. and now they have brought a hotel for alot of money with a mortgage god knows how.
P.S he was earning under tax amount each week so had to pay me very little when working for his bro,his girlfriend worked longer more hours so more money and they never took her wages into consideration

charliecat · 28/04/2007 11:20

have a read of this forum see if you can see any similar cases.

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