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dd4 wants a sibling, i have no partner!!!

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pirategirl · 13/04/2007 22:02

Little monkey, i cant give her this. It makes me sad, that ex hub has taken that away from us. very unlikely i will meet anyine else, very very small town, and I had spd in my last pregnancy which i am only just feeling better from painwise.

I am quite broody tbh. Also 38, think time is running out.

arghhhhhhh, i could fecking kill him somtimes!!!

OP posts:
FairyEdwards · 14/04/2007 00:24

but she has 3 other siblings.

chocolateface · 14/04/2007 00:34

This isn't about DD4 is it!
Focus on the 4 beautiful girls you have.

harman · 14/04/2007 00:37

Message withdrawn

chocolateface · 14/04/2007 00:43

In that case speed dating?

chocolateface · 14/04/2007 00:43


harman · 14/04/2007 00:44

Message withdrawn

chocolateface · 14/04/2007 00:47

In that case maybe not speed dating.

kimi · 14/04/2007 00:48

I have two sons and will take offer above 50p if she wants an older brother

DS2 keeps saying he wants a baby sister....never going to happen.

harman · 14/04/2007 00:49

Message withdrawn

chocolateface · 14/04/2007 00:51

Sorry: I know. It's late & it wasn't funny.

harman · 14/04/2007 01:04

Message withdrawn

kimi · 14/04/2007 01:10

Would you like DH1? He needs a new wife!

harman · 14/04/2007 01:20

Message withdrawn

kimi · 14/04/2007 01:20

Any takers?

kimi · 14/04/2007 01:25

He is 40, all is own teeth, hard working (3 days sick in 21 years) does not drink, smoke, gamble of have a roving eye.

Great legs, brill sence of humor, loyal, loving, good with children and pets.
Does not lie and is the voice of reason.
Will expect you to wash the football kit every week but will cook.
Knows how to work the hoover, washing machine and how to change a duvet, you will how ever have to repeat "the loo brush has a perpouse"

harman · 14/04/2007 01:48

Message withdrawn

MrsWho · 14/04/2007 18:41

I was just thinking that!

I'm in a similar situation but have time on my side, I have been so so broody and its getting worse, find myself weighing up potential fathers in the street

pirategirl · 15/04/2007 11:08

hi, my duaghter is 4, so there are others.

Guess she and I are feeling abit lonely, this town is driving me nuts.

Yes the spd, was pretty bad, but i am up for speed dating, no probs there 1

OP posts:
flightattendant · 16/04/2007 18:15

Kimi I'll have him!!! Sounds better than all my ex's combined.

flightattendant · 16/04/2007 18:18

Pirategirl - I know how you feel. Unfortunately I hurried into it out of hormonal panic, and later realised my judgment had been way off - now feel our situation is worse than ever because the man I chose was an idiot.
Don't despair, it might happen any time - I know what you mean about giving your DC a sibling, it can be heartbreaking esp if they actually want one.

pirategirl · 17/04/2007 23:52

meant to say, there are 'no others' ie she is an only child.

Yes, i can see how easy it would be to rush into this. guess the clock is ticking, and realisticlly i would have a shite time of it witht the spd.

arghhhhhhhhhh, i am just broody,

OP posts:
nallydoolally · 17/04/2007 23:56

(sorry to hijack - pirate, i answered your other thread...)

pirategirl · 17/04/2007 23:57

hiya i answered the thread you answered!!!

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