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for Big Bruvver

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TwirlyN · 13/04/2007 00:08

I'm posting for my brother who has recently (9 Mths ago) become a single parent. He's finding it difficult, seems to have no where that he can think of for advice. So, here i am trying to help. Over the Easter weekend he had/spent time with /was responsible for his 2 DS. At the mo he is stopping with our parents. DS1 10 was riding his bike in the street, which is a dead end. He tried to ride no hands, and ended up riding into a neighbours car, leaving a dent, and black marks all down the car. DS1 was OK, but bruised! My Bruvver now wants to ask the mother if she will help out with the repairs. £2-£500 pounds worth. still waiting to find out. I think, his responsibility, therefore its up to him to pay. He (stubborn ole git looking for an argument), really does think he should ask his sons mother to help with the repairs. What do you think please, I shall print and hand this to him. Is he totally barking up the wrong tree?

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Hilllary · 13/04/2007 00:11

I think if his dc was in his care then its really down to him to pay for damages. Not really anything to do with the mother.

DimpledThighs · 13/04/2007 00:12

what Hilllary said.

TwirlyN · 13/04/2007 00:19

hmmm like i thought. thanks. would like to hear from single Dads please to back this up and wave under the nose of a Stubborn argumentative ole git.

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TwirlyN · 13/04/2007 09:57


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TwirlyN · 13/04/2007 10:37

bump for brother

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glitterfairy · 13/04/2007 10:45

Totally agree and think he should pay up. It will only make things really unpleasant between the mother and him why go to this trouble?

TwirlyN · 13/04/2007 10:47

He is still a VERY bitter man.

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Surfermum · 13/04/2007 10:49

It's his responsibility.

Would he help his x out if it had happened while his ds was at his mum's?

TwirlyN · 13/04/2007 10:53

I think, only going on how much I know my brother. If the table was turned, he would probably have a huge argument because she has asked for more money, then I honestly do think he would help out. He hasn't got a clue really. bless him.

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Surfermum · 13/04/2007 10:57

Well then maybe because he would do it, he does see what's wrong with asking.

climbingrosie · 13/04/2007 21:52

But can she afford to spare that kind of money? If not would he be taking it away from his DSs by asking her for it? Maybe he should think of it that way? If she already bears the brunt of the cost of bringing up two DSs as a single parent it would be very unfair of him to demand any contribution. Especially if he has the money.

Surfermum · 14/04/2007 10:12

Or maybe he doesn't have the money because he gives all his spare money to his x for his ds's.

TwirlyN · 14/04/2007 23:15

thats exactly it sufermum. He is really cross that she gives away DS clothes to her friends. (he would rather I had them for my two, which was the norm when they were together.) He does give her alot of money, so much so he has to live with our parents! The clothes thing, I suggested, rather than give them away, since he paid for the clothes, he has them back, and could then ebay or car boot them to raise the money for the accident.

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