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Anyone want to moan about their day? if so feel free to join me.

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nightowl · 07/04/2007 21:16

i have a raging sore throat, cough and a splitting head. (have for days, slowly getting worse). ive felt exhausted for days.

house was a tip, no energy to clean it but forced myself to. have scrubbed the walls in the back porch where that effing cat keeps coming in and spraying. still a stench, dont know where its coming from. every day i scrub it, then he comes in and does it again.

someone split juice on my sofa. sofa is crap anyway but now its wet too.

ds accidentally threw milk up the wall. while i scrubbed it off, dd took a pencil and crayoned all over the table.

while i cleaned the table she went and crayoned all over the front porch wall.

when i went to clean that up i found ALL my clean washing that had been neatly piled up to go upstairs thrown on the floor. dd must have rooted through for a top and messed it up, so ds had come downstairs, mistaken it for dirty washing and threw it all down for me to put in the laundry basket. it was ALL mixed up with genuine dirty washing.

the door wont stop going, the phone wont stop ringing. my mum just phoned up drunk wanting my dad's telephone number (they've only been split up 24 years).

and the emoticon wont work.

if i was physically capable of shouting i'd go AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH.

thanks. is good to get it out.

OP posts:
TooTicky · 07/04/2007 21:19

OMG I can't beat that (even if my nose is streaming and tickling and dd2 is producing industrial quantities of green snot and ds1 has hit ds2 far too many times and my shoulder is aching and I have to use pliers to work the oven and a spanner to work the hot tap and we are skint and I have no tomatoes).

TooTicky · 07/04/2007 21:20

Oh, and I'm menstruating and unreasonably tired.

harpsichordcarrier · 07/04/2007 21:22

oh nightowl sounds crap.
I have had the bug you have, I think, and it is CRAP.
you must negotiate a day off tomorrow

nightowl · 07/04/2007 22:21

i have my sunday dinner cooked for me so thats nice...actually..i dont think ive ever been so grateful for one!

OP posts:
FairyEdwards · 08/04/2007 18:53

doing easter on my own was no fun at all!

monika11 · 08/04/2007 18:59

feel so tired...

nightowl · 08/04/2007 19:01

today has not been too bad although no word at from ds's father. no easter eggs. i did phone him, no answer. i texted him too, no answer. its been a month now...again

throat feels slightly better. (am sure chocolate helped).

OP posts:
nightowl · 08/04/2007 19:03

oh and hi fairy and monika

OP posts:
nightowl · 08/04/2007 19:06

oh update too: i scrubbed the back rooms again today and while i was at lunch the little bugger came and did it again. but we caught him in the act and he got a 'lil spray himself with my new 99p water pistol.

still stinks in here though, have all my sofa covers in the washer at present.

OP posts:
monika11 · 08/04/2007 19:11

you very good mummy nightowl

snowwonder · 08/04/2007 19:14

have you tried diluted white vinegar in a sprayer to get rid of the smell i sprey it in my rabbit hutch before refilling with sawdust!!

hope you feel better soon

nightowl · 08/04/2007 19:23

ha monika, you wouldnt be saying that if you knew me!

does vinegar really work snowwonder? i bought some stuff from the pet shop but its like weak washing powder and does nothing. i used milton with hot water in a spray bottle today. (to clean the walls that is, not spray the cat!!) although......

OP posts:
3easterbunniesandnomore · 08/04/2007 19:30

Awww ((((NIghtowel))))
you poor thing...soudns a pretty rubish day!
Mine has been rubbish, too...nothign specific I suppose, just everything getting on top off me!
Missing dh (he is away for 6 month), my 4 and 1/2 year old being his usually lifely, chatty non stop-self...pooing himself 3 times and constantly trying to batter his yonger bro, sigh....and just things general...sigh!

3easterbunniesandnomore · 08/04/2007 19:31

ooops didn't realise this was in the lone parents topic...ooops...I am not actually a lone parent, dispite dh being away right now...

nightowl · 08/04/2007 19:56

thats ok 3easterbunnies! i just feel more at home starting a rant thread in lone parents, but anyone can post their crap day niggles here!

OP posts:
snowwonder · 08/04/2007 21:20

it works by neutralising the odour, and is cheap and cheerful

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