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Do you get TOO independant?

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nikkie · 23/03/2007 22:10

Friend wants me and kids to go on holiday with her and don't really want to because I like to go out on my own or with the kids .Can't stand shopping with othe people etc because i like to be able to go toXYZ then home or go to whatever film I want to watch .Think I have got worse in the last year though.Don't know if its because I have been on my own so long?

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mogs0 · 23/03/2007 22:22

I find if I spend more than about 4 days with anyone then I start to get a bit irritable! I, too, put this down to being on my own for so long.

How long is the holiday for?

I am split on the shopping thing. I like shopping by myself when I have specific things that I need to buy but when I'm looking for an outfit or something like that I really like to have a friend to give me their opinion. - Not that I actually buy myself clothes anymore!!!!

nikkie · 23/03/2007 22:46

4 days!
am trying to persuade her to take 2 cars as she wants to take her dog and its a PIA and barks all the time which won't help my patience!Have said if we go we will go out XYZ and if hse wants to do something different to do it.She said with one car she could just drop us off but I like to change plans and go to diferent places etc.

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glitterfairy · 24/03/2007 09:32

Dont think anyone should ever have to compromise with someone else. In an adult relationship two people can live peacefully allowing the other all the freedom they need and require.

Hvaing said that I am not sure I will even live with anyone again as I love being on my own. I have had offers and have refused!

LittleSarah · 24/03/2007 09:34

I don't know if I am too independent but I certainly am VERY independent. I like just being me and dd. For now anyway!

nikkie · 24/03/2007 19:08

Glitterfairy -I don't want to live with anyone either

OP posts:
mamama · 24/03/2007 19:21

It's funny - I get lonely, but I do like not having to take anyone else into account - DS do what we want, when we want and it's great!

suejonez · 24/03/2007 19:22

yes I think you do lose the ability to compromise a bit. defintiely take two cars you will feel so cooped up if you can;t go off on your own.

nikkie · 24/03/2007 19:29

Glad its not just me! I feel like sometimes everyone wants friends and a bf and I am quite happy on my own (now just need to find a way to get pregnant without a bloke and I'll be sorted )

OP posts:
suejonez · 24/03/2007 19:30

donor insemination! Tis quite simple...

nikkie · 24/03/2007 19:34

but more difficult to find a donor!

OP posts:
glitterfairy · 24/03/2007 22:53

Easy to find a turkey baster though!

I am sure there are men out there who woudl willingly oblige. I might put them through a strict vetting procedure though first. Am now wondering off to think up some good questions.

nikkie · 24/03/2007 22:57

Well If you want to vet me some decent men

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