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How would you describe...

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inanidealworld · 19/01/2007 14:11

where you are no longer together as a couple but not yet divorced and can't afford to live in separate accomodation? Separated? Estranged?

OP posts:
354kidz · 19/01/2007 22:07

Ive been there also and had child so i siad living together but separated..then had own bedrooms. Hope helps?

mamama · 21/01/2007 04:21

Yes, living together but separated.

354kidz · 21/01/2007 11:56

well i know its hard but good luck. U have kids?

inanidealworld · 22/01/2007 13:25

Hello sorry I wasn't online over the w/e. Thanks for the replies. Yes we have children. It just feels a bit like limbo.

OP posts:
354kidz · 22/01/2007 13:49

oh thats ok what will u in the end? or u just dont know???

inanidealworld · 22/01/2007 16:58

Not sure yet kind of depends on finances

OP posts:
354kidz · 22/01/2007 17:27

yes i understand.How long u been together?? I was wit mine for 5yrs

FatFikAndFugly · 22/01/2007 17:30

I would say seperated.

354kidz · 22/01/2007 19:48

yes separated but living together.

Ulysees · 22/01/2007 19:51

i'm in the same boat ina. Just talked to dh today and he's definitely not moving out. So, going to make appointment with lone parent advisor tomorrow and go on from there. We get on well though but I need space now, and it's confusing for the kids.

354kidz · 22/01/2007 22:06

god luck then uly bee there etc etc.. so know where ur coming from.

Ulysees · 22/01/2007 22:46

thanks 345,it's hard but I'll get there.

inanidealworld · 23/01/2007 09:32

Hi Ulysees, what is a lone parent advisor? I have never heard of them, are they part of the citizen's advice?
354- 15yrs.

OP posts:
Tinkerbel5 · 23/01/2007 14:16

inan a lone parent advisor is part of the jobcentre plus team, they are there to help lone parents claim what they are entitled too, and also help them back into work.

Ulysees · 23/01/2007 17:13

yes that's right. I didn't get there today as slept on the top bunk last night. I say sleep haha but didn't get any hence not making town today as I ended up sleeping most of the day.
Hope to go tomorrow though as I feel I need to get out now, start afresh. Just hope I can get a place near to the school? I'd take anything right now, even a one bedroom flat. The boys will share and I can get a sofa bed. Would rather have 2 bedroom though.

Ulysees · 23/01/2007 17:13

Oh and it's 17 years for us

inanidealworld · 26/01/2007 10:31

Mamama and Ulysees,
Hi again! How did you get through the day to day stuff and did you have some kind of formal agreement re space in the house, time with kids, money, etc?

OP posts:
Ulysees · 26/01/2007 14:39

hi ina, nothing's changed yet. We still live in the house but i'm going to see a housing officer and try to get a house or flat. Hopefully close to here. Be hard but it has to be done.

inanidealworld · 26/01/2007 16:31

Are you still on speaking terms?

OP posts:
Ulysees · 26/01/2007 18:16

yes, in fact I'm looking after him at the moment as he's not well at all. We're friends but that's all. I've met someone else which he isn't happy about but he's away so it's giving me time to move on. I'm seeing bf in May so looking forward to it but haven't told dh yet. Waiting until it's a good time, it there is such a time?

354kidz · 26/01/2007 23:10

it does cause tension a bit as still living together although slept in sep rooms i stuck mostly to my room although i had my 2yr old but when he was at work we spent time down stairs.. we were good friends at first but then ifound someone new he changed and then well knew we wasnt going to get back together.
So goodluck to people going through this at the moment!!There is a light at the end..

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