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Benefit problems!!!

4 replies

tammybear · 23/04/2004 20:40

Im getting income support and child tax credit and child benefit. For something like 6/7 months, I wasn't getting ctc as they cancelled it by accident. I got my back pay. But then I was told in April income support were going to stop paying me for both me and dd, and that it was just going to be for me. And that ctc was going to be covering what Im suppose to be getting for dd. However, Im getting £56 for income support, but only £38 for ctc. Im losing out on £40 a week, and I dont know what to do. I cant get to my citizen advice bureau cos I dont want to take dd with me, and I have no one to look after her. Anyone else have this problem?

OP posts:
insanidee · 23/04/2004 20:51

ask them to recheck the amounts. for you and one child i think u get around 120quid? but that includes child benefit as well. try that site for more info.

merglemergle · 23/04/2004 21:20

It sounds to me like they've miscalculated, specifically that they have not paid you the family premium. But thats only worth £15. Not sure how its £40 you're losing out on, can you clarify?

Its right that CTC is paid instead of extra money in IS now.

If you are losing out on £40 can you claim Housing Benefit/Counicil Tax B? Actual income is taken into account and its quite possible to make up what you lose in CTC from HB/ctb.

Re C.A.B. btw they absiltuely shoudl let you take your dd in with you and no eyebrows shoudl be raised or anything. If not, ask to see their equal opportunities policy which should be prominantly displayed on the wall of the waiting area. If not threaten to report them. Unfortunately there is often a wait and there isn't much that can be done about this but some CAB do have systems to see you quite quickly, give you a ticket etc.

Post with more info if you can, I will try to help.

merglemergle · 29/04/2004 20:22

No thats wrong, sorry, family premium not paid as part of IS any more.

Freckle · 29/04/2004 20:31

Does your local CAB have an Outreach worker? They will come and advise you in your home if you have difficulties getting to their office. Call and explain your problem (re getting there) and ask if anyone could come to see you. Explain that it is to do with benefits (most CAB have a specialist worker re benefits).

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