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Ex-H jealous girlfriend - how to handle?

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buzzybee · 11/04/2004 10:04

As posted elsewhere I found out last Nov that my ex-H had moved in with a girl who was his secretary while we were together (and obviously more than that!) At that point we'd been apart about 6 months but I'd known there was a "GF" around for most of that time.
Anyway the point is that while I've pretty much managed to move on now, she seems to be becoming more and more jealous of me even though I hardly ever see him! When he drops DD (just turned 2) at my place he is not "permitted" to stay for more than a couple of minutes. For myself I'm not that bothered but I'm disturbed that actually this is a manifestation of a growing jealousy for DD on her part. As a child of divorced parents myself I am also determined to keep a civil relationship between me and H so that DD never has to act as the piggy in the middle. Any advice?

OP posts:
Earlybird · 11/04/2004 15:26

Buzzy - haven't exactly been in your situation before, but I would advise you to simply be yourself. Don't worry about gf and her issues, unless it becomes directly detrimental to you and dd. TBH, I'd leave it to ex-h to manage her jealousy and unreasonable demands. Be yourself, and don't caught up in their petty drama or her unreasonable demands on your ex. Don't get drawn in. It's a complete waste of energy. Just concentrate on yourself and dd, and let ex deal with the controlling, jealous woman he chose. You'll be much happier if you leave him to it, and get on with your life.

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