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feeling lonely in the metropolis...

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maggiesmama · 18/09/2006 11:54

just moved to london (where i grew up, but havent lived here for 10 years). single parent to dd (3). missing spending time with other parents and kids and so on... dont know where to start.

and fed up with lack of interesting boys around


just whinging really...

OP posts:
mumblechum · 18/09/2006 14:20

Bump for you. Not really sure what to advise, except that I've relocated due to dh's job about 5 times and the way I met people was going to toddler groups. For every 4 dull mums there was usually 1 who was a bit of a laugh & who I made friends with. Other than that, are you planning to work? you never know, might be some eye candy at the office!

mumblechum · 18/09/2006 22:02


Molesworth · 18/09/2006 22:04

awww mm, whereabouts are you in london?

Earlybird · 18/09/2006 22:16

Why did you move back to London? Are you living in an area you know well? Do you have old friends/family close by?

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