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mediation - did it work for you?

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mistressmiggins · 21/06/2006 22:06

am trying to fill in financial forms for mediation and realise its a joke

expenditure - joke - I have cancelled SKY, dont have car loan (but crap car) mobile low... all of these items ive cut back COS H LEFT.....and yet it looks like we dont need much money

emotional cost? not on any sheet
every day I have to answer or try to answer my DS (4) and DD (2) questions - where is daddy, why doesnt he live here?

I have a part time job - I feel guilty every time Im late home as feel for kids at nursery - H doesnt have are missing out this weekend as away at dads so missing friend's bday party....spineless ex STILL hasnt mentioned woman he lives with

it worked first w3eek cos ex had to finallt acceot that everything Ivce been saying about breaking kids in gently to meeting his mistress/tart/gf (whatever) is reasonable but this friday is money

dreading it

OP posts:
NotActuallyAMum · 22/06/2006 12:44

Hello mm I'd been wondering how you were doing. No experience I'm afraid but wanted you to know I'm thinking about you

You are so brave keeping everything together for your children, don't ever forget that xx

Fluffybubble · 22/06/2006 14:47


Am new to mn but just wanted to say that have been through mediation in past year with xh to resolve financial & contact issues.

The first lot of mediation we went to was provided by a solicitor who mediates as a secondary career... both my xh and I found it quite unhelpful....

We have recently been through a court appointed mediation service and the mediator we saw was brilliant. She was impartial and fair and both my xh & I felt like we made progress (& my xh is not the type to be open and constructive, hence the divorce!!!). The mediator dealt with all of our concerns, including mine about ds being introduced to gf (am v emotional about that!!). Would really recommend pursuing it if possible, but in my opinion try to make sure you use a mediation service (ie, that is all they do) rather than solicitor type...

Good luck!!

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