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HELP needed quick, how much notice do i have to give before taking dd on holiday?

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studentmum1 · 13/05/2006 17:57

i have a contact order sorted out through the courts with my ex about my dd but i didn't recieve a copy of it (not the full copy anyway). its too late now to contact my solicitor so i need your help!
i want to take my daughter on holiday next weekend but i know i have to give notice to her dad because it would effect his contact. i thought it was seven days notice i have to give but i need someone to confirm that for me?! i'm in the process of writing the letter now to post tonight!! please help someone!!!

sorry if it sounds confusing!

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studentmum1 · 13/05/2006 18:07


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singledadofthree · 13/05/2006 18:47

am in similar situation but never given written notice, just let ex know beforehand. cant you just phone him?

Freckle · 13/05/2006 18:52

I think that, provided you give him the opportunity to make up the missed contact when you get back, it should be fine.

Giving him notice is courteous, but if you have no time then as much notice as is possible should be fine provided you don't deprive him of his due time overall.

Surfermum · 13/05/2006 19:03

My dh has a contact order for his dd. As far as I know there isn't an actual legal requirement to give notice, but like Freckle says, it's more about courtesy and realising that he might have already made plans to do things. How are things between you? Are you able to ring and explain it's come up at the last minute and would he mind swapping the date for another?

mummypumpkin · 13/05/2006 21:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Freckle · 14/05/2006 08:37

It's all about being grown-ups, isn't it? Sure contact orders can stipulated precisely what contact an absent parent has, but, if something comes up which means a slight change in that arrangement, surely as grown-ups it should be possible to work around it. That's assuming your exp is a grown-up Wink.

Think about it. You give him notice (which he doesn't like and refuses to agree to) and you go on holiday anyway. He goes back to court to complain and you explain to the court that this holiday was already arranged and you'd offered him another weekend (of his choice) to compensate. Who is going to look like a prize *rse?

studentmum1 · 14/05/2006 20:44

i've posted the letter through his door last night, gave him seven days notice. it was written into our aggreement that it would be seven days i think. because of him being a total prat and being awkward just to cause problems to me and my partner. he is most definatly not grown up and will be waitin for me to mess up on the agreement to have me straight back in court!
I'm afraid i haven't given him an extra day instead though because i have so many problems every week she goes to him any way i would rather save us all some agro and have a couple of weeks where i don't need to worry bout how he looks after her or where he's taking her or even how safe he's driving with her in the car. thanks for ur posts tho!

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anniemac · 15/05/2006 10:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Surfermum · 15/05/2006 17:45

Sorry studentmum1, but I agree with anniemac. I do think that if you are cancelling a contact you should be offering an alternative. I don't think the Courts will look on it very favourably if you don't.

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