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Need some help mumsnetters!!!!

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tinyFox · 10/05/2006 10:12

I have been a single parent now for 6 months. And the csa have only just took a payments of ex h this month. What i would like to know is that does the maintence come straight to me or does it go to pay for my benefits???

Also if you don't claim income support and live off maintence do you get more tax credits??

thanks all, Grin

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tinyFox · 10/05/2006 10:16


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WelshBoris · 10/05/2006 10:18

Pays for your benefits, you get £10 extra.

I dont think they will allow you just live off maintence

I work so get all mine

tinyFox · 10/05/2006 10:20

thanks, was just wondering. I get so confussed about it all, lol.

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WelshBoris · 10/05/2006 10:24

Its Ok
Good luck with the CSA

sanchpanch · 10/05/2006 20:52

If you work and get family tax to top up wages you get to keep what ever masintence they get for you,

But if on income support you dont get to keep all the maintence money, but dont know how much as i fortunately have'nt had to make a claim income support, hope this helps

tinyFox · 10/05/2006 20:57

ty i get income support is about £57 a week

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