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almostanangel · 28/02/2006 17:09

ok long story short
have been in abusive relation ship for over 20 years am now 38
have over the last 5 months really got to the point where im not having this anymore have spoken t cab and council
feel like im going in circles
council say they will send me and children to refuge ...but my 8 year old has just settled in school and she has problems which this teacher has made leaps and bounds in solving
so i would rather stay in area than go wherever they want to send me i know its for my safty but the kids come first
council then said private rent ,,which means i need to find deposit and rent ,,at least till i get benefits ,,i now feel like nobody gives a damn and am so tired mentaly and not sure how long i can deal with this sorry for ranting just wondered if any one has any advice

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meplease · 28/02/2006 17:41

bump -

ALMA - try and put this in relationships too

almostanangel · 28/02/2006 18:02

thanks hun

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umpalumpa · 28/02/2006 18:22

Are you on benefits already? If so, you could try for a crisis loan to get at least some of deposit/rent until housing benefit start. So fustrating Angry i'v been there girl but before my kids came along and I know how hard it is to make the move. you need to pester grind and stalk the council.
Another suggestion is some kind of support worker (mine was through community nurse) through your GP, these people have wonderful resources and info that we would never know on our own and could help you stay sane in the process.
Good luck I send you strength and determination. u will get there Smile

almostanangel · 28/02/2006 18:57

thank you [hug] i think i will have a word with doc as he has been there when i have had hassle so mybe will help

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