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Should I move in with my friend?

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littlelamb · 01/11/2005 22:03

Just that really. We are both single mums to dd's the same age (16 months) and are really good friends. We are in our final year at uni, and money is a real struggle for both of us. She has suggested that I move in to her two bedroom flat, so that we each share with our dds. Financially, I know this makes huge sense, but practically, do you think this is feasable? I am just looking for any opinions really, as it seems such a huge decision. Financially, there is no question that I should do it, but it does seem like a huge compromise, especially in disertation year. Is it worth the risk? And would it be good for our dd's?

OP posts:
gigglinggoblin · 01/11/2005 22:05

sounds fantastic to me. someone around who knows the pressure you are under, someone to bring you a cup of tea. i would invest in a 2nd hand double buggy between you then you both have a built in babysitter aswell. sounds perfect

starlover · 01/11/2005 22:06

well... it can be VERY stressful living with someone else.. even good friends

my bestest ever friend in the whole world stayed with us for nearly a year before we had DS and in the end it was just driving me CRAZY!

But maybe you could try it for a few months? Would you be able to move out if it didn't work out?
How do YOU think it'd work out? I think in theory it's a really good idea.. would save you money, give you company and i bet the dd's would both love it!

But do give it plenty of thought... How would it be with 2 small kids and the both of you doing uni work etc etc///

littlelamb · 01/11/2005 22:12

It would be at least until February, which is when her contract is up, but potentially until the end of the academic year. The thought of both being able to go to the library several nights a week without babysitter hassle is a big plus. I think it would turn out ok. We have verysimilar circumstances, and histories to be honest, and she is a very sensible, grounded person. My only hesitation would be the lack of privacy I suppose, as well as lack of space. But it would be for such a short space of time in the grand scheme of things

OP posts:
starlover · 01/11/2005 22:15

I reckon give it a go. If by february it isn't working out then move out... if it is then all good and well!

littlelamb · 01/11/2005 22:20

Thank you x It just seems such a big thing to commit to, my relationship with my flatmate on my gap year went horribly wrong, and I just don't want that to happen again. I can't afford to keep paying my extortionate rent. I guess we'll see what her landlord says in the morning, and take it from there. Feeling quite scared, but excited too

OP posts:
starlover · 01/11/2005 22:23

yeah it can be really difficult can't it?
Even if you only end up staying til FEbruary at least you'll have saved a bit of money!

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