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dolphindolphin1 · 02/01/2011 22:24

Things are nor great with (d)h at mo. He is bad tempered at times and I am beginning to feel quite undermined. Get lots of "spending my money" type jibes. I am a SAHM mum. Really want to make break but it is so complicated. My mum is very anti divorce and as she is old and frail I really don't want to upset her. I think she doesn't particulary like (d)h but I know this would be hard for her.
The other complication is the house. We are mortgaged up to the hilt. I am certain I couldn't keep house on even if i got a full time job. I don't think dh could either if he has to pay me maintenace too. He would also how to buy me out of house. So I guess only option is to sell and I know houses are not selling at mo.
I have two dd's under 6
Any advice appreciated.

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900cherry · 02/01/2011 23:39

Sorry to hear that. Have you thought of counselling or other ways to explain how you feel?

Leaving him is a major step.

lucie19 · 02/01/2011 23:44

Do you love him still?

Spero · 02/01/2011 23:49

You need to talk to him. He needs to know how bad this is. It is crazy to split up if there is any chance it could be salvaged. Being a single parent is hard work and I imagine it is even harder if you are short of money.

Try and get some relationship counselling organised, if he won't go, go by yourself and try to figure out what you need to do.

I am not advocating staying in a miserable relationship just because you are worried about the alternative, but it will be a hard choice, so make sure it is the right one.

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