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american folk group. BBC TV (thursday)

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GabbyLoggon · 31/12/2010 17:52

there was rich hall american comedian. OK But the very cynicalfolk group on with him were brilliant. Great cynical song lyrics. Very downbeat; but funny. I changed my trousers twice. HNY "Gabby"

OP posts:
SuePurblybiltbyElves · 31/12/2010 18:01

Yes, there's nothing like an american folk group to appeal to lone parents is there Gabby? We are their core market.
Do you just close your eyes and post? Grin

tethersend · 31/12/2010 18:04

I knew this would be you, Gabby.

It's like that light that Batman has in the sky. Your threads call to me.

tethersend · 31/12/2010 18:04

Happy new year Smile

HeroShrew · 31/12/2010 18:09

deep joy.

corlan · 31/12/2010 18:47

Maybe it's time for 'Shady Pines' Gabby.

Happy New Year!

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