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To all on their first Christmas as a LP...

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Flame · 26/12/2010 16:52

Merry Christmas!

We can do this. It is probably not the way this year was expected to end but I feel that the first Christmas has got to be one of the biggest things to get past.

I know I have no experience other than my own, but figured hand holding, a hug and telling each one of us "We can do this" is an important thing.

OP posts:
claikit · 26/12/2010 17:08

Hi, began having mixed feelings about christmas a couple of months ago, wrapped up in the kids excitment but also a niggling dread that intensified in my quieter moments. This become overpowering in the week leading up to the day itself, christmas eve was hard. Normally spent this wrapping the presents and getting organised together.
Enjoyed the day itself but feel glad day has passed and can concentrate on the new year ahead. Hope it brings you all acceptance and hope for the future. Off to pour a wine now.

marble · 27/12/2010 02:53

agree xmas eve the hardest bit for year to look forward to let us embrace it...

lucie19 · 27/12/2010 12:10

love to you all last year was impossible I was terribly depressed and spent most of the day asleep to avoid it. This year is so much better I was determined to create our own traditions.
Keep the faith things get easier x

Flame · 27/12/2010 13:09

I seem to be struggling most with this aftermath bit :( Everyone is doing "family" things, and mine are going stir crazy stuck in with just me to amuse them. The eldest is too poorly to go out though

OP posts:
changeforthebetter · 27/12/2010 13:17

Even though we are drowning in rivers of snot and I feel fat and a bit hungover from relatives visiting (lots of eating and drinking), the kids like their presents, haven't broken any yet and............. I have not had to put up with miserable, moody, sanctimonious arsehole who sucked the joy out of everything. We got to play loads of cheesey christmas pop music and to dance round like idiots instead of only being allowed carols on CD Hmm. Nowt wrong with a bit of carolling but does it all have to be holy-Joe (especially when you are a stinking hypocrite who spends money on.... um stuff that's really not allowed in Christianity AFAIK). God he was awful. Thank goodness I never have to spend Xmas with him again Xmas Smile

QueenandKingMum · 27/12/2010 13:31

Same here - it's the between Christmas and after New Years that I am not liking. Kids are with their dad, and although Christmas day was lovely with them.. it's all so quiet and alone :(

Still wouldn't be with H though!

onestepforward · 27/12/2010 14:12

Is my 2nd Christmas and I agree that it is this gap that is hard. DD is at her Dad's, friends are doing family stuff, I am at home... but am going to pop out now and see if I can do some sales shopping which would be a nightmare with DD in tow. Did spend a few hours at xils yesterday when dropped her off and it was quite lovely, even with xh there too, much nicer than when I had to spend days there! And also am pleased really not to be with xh.

Just have to remind myself to make the most of my time alone and enjoy the break.

Hope you all got through okay and here's to a brighter new year. (next Christmas I shall have a lovely new boyfriend, that's what I am telling myself Wink)

lycheemartini · 27/12/2010 14:23

Hi there just sending love and blessings to you all, nice to support others in same boat.

imustbemadasaboxoffrogs · 27/12/2010 14:28

Change - were we married to the same man

Xmas Wink

changeforthebetter · 28/12/2010 15:14

madasabox Xmas Shock maybe they are long lost cousins - or long get lost cousins Xmas Grin

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