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how hard would you try?

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Cistus · 19/11/2010 16:07

met a bloke who seemed pretty interested. met up once pretty casually, and he went to some trouble to 'find' me after he gave me his phone number and I mislaid it,
after last txt message last weekend, when he suggested we go out for a drink 'soon'; and I txt back saying - "let me know when's good for you" - nothing. squat.

I don't understand, and I feel ridiculously hurt and sad.

try once more and end up looking like some desperate saddo, or accept I will never know why and move on...? Sad

OP posts:
SparklingExplosionGoldBrass · 19/11/2010 16:35

One more try is reasonable - his phone may be out of credit or he may have dropped it down the loo or something.
Of course he may be seeing if you are interested enough to make an effort, which is possibly a bit playerish, but still, one more try wo't hurt as long as you leave it at the one. Best of luck.

gillybean2 · 19/11/2010 16:49

You sure you got the right number for him? I got lots of messages left from some girl one time saying things like 'just got your message call me back', and 'pls answer quick I need to know if you're picking us up'. Dunno how she got the wrong number if she was answering someones message, but she was genuinely surprised when I rang her back to tell her after a couple of weeks of this.

So if you're interested perhaps phone him and say you're free on a certain day if he;s still interested. If he's busy then leave it you know he's not interested. If he say yes then you see where it goes

overmydeadbody · 19/11/2010 16:51

Leave it a week and try one more time.

After that leave it.

Cistus · 19/11/2010 17:54

he also looked for me on a social networking site (professional) and added me, was pretty quick at responding to any txts, but just does not fix a date - and now nothing ? Is he perhaps not single ? But I know people he knows so I would, inevitably find out...

A week after last contact ? and WTF do I say????

OP posts:
PaigeTurner · 19/11/2010 18:08

I would leave it.

I have 'male interest' like this and "let's go for a drink soon" could mean another six months where they're concerned.

elastamum · 19/11/2010 18:44

I would let it go. It never works out if you make all the running

Cistus · 20/11/2010 14:41

I have decided to leave it. He made all the running in the beginning, but I feel as tho' as soon as I reciprocated at all, he vanished. Cant be arsed really - I made it very clear the ball was in his court....

Have worked out that I felt so 'low' about it because I NEVER meet anyone, and spend all my life at home with the dc's or at work.

So I have joined a dating site and, even if I meet no-one at all nice, at least I can see there are options out there !!

Thanks for your advice

OP posts:
equinox · 21/11/2010 06:18

I know how you feel I met a guy I really like but he is very minimalist in his attentions.

I slept with him about 3 weeks ago and he hasn't even bothered to make a simple 'phone call after the event only texts and one of these past weeks I didn't hear a dicky bird for at least one week. We had met twice before that occasion outside so it wasn't as if I jumped straight into the sack with him ...

He would have met up with me last Monday as we are both self-employed but I was busy that day and I haven't heard anything at all this weekend when he knows full well it is my birthday. He won't have forgotten the date as it is the same date as his previous stepsons despite his ex having remarried he remains in contact with the two boys.

I have decided to tell him in no uncertain terms should we meet up that I can only see him as a friend as he is the most minimalistic guy I have ever dated ever and it is utterly pointless.

Which dating site did you join Cistus?

I met him on but i have since removed my profile quite a while back. I am still on pof although that seems especially hopeless if you ask me too many to trawl through takes too long to see to it lol.

Cistus · 22/11/2010 18:02

:) all well :) Joined Times dating site but dont think I will be needing it for a while !

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