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rachelmummy · 15/10/2010 05:38


I am new here and looking for some support as a single mum of two small children.
I find it hard to get out with them. THey are both walking now - usually in different directions, LOL. We do lots of activities, but usually on our own not playgroups etc., which I find too hard to deal with.

I live in an area where I don't know many people, though I do have some good friends here and it's getting easier. I would like to move closer to my family, but my children's dad doesn't want that (he doesn't live with us, but visits at weekends and it's convenient for us to be here)

I have been up with the children in the night and, of course, they are both sleeping now while I am wide awake and feeling lonely.


OP posts:
MyBoyJakey · 15/10/2010 09:09

Hi there!

I was going to say 'Poor you'... but then thought how much I hate it when people say that to me lol!
I too am single, just to one cheeky little boy tho, and also have a lovely few friends around me who I know I can call on anytime, but still the loneliness gets to me!

woollyideas · 17/10/2010 19:29

Hi There,
Just wanted to say hello and hope you find a way of getting out more. Have you contacted your local mumsnet group? They sometimes have meet-ups. x

crace · 17/10/2010 20:01

Hi there - sorry you are in this situation, it's hard isn't it? I'd try and get to some mother & Toddler groups etc if you can to try and meet some new mums.

I've relied heavily on my mummy friends from M&T groups and a local mums coffee thing we do here. I've made a couple really close friends that let me drop in for a chat and a hug. It helps, it really does.

All there best, I hope things get easier very very soon. Hang in there x

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