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O.kay so have joined a single parents dating site and seem to attracting quite a lot of freaks......

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girliefriend · 13/10/2010 21:09

Have been single for ages so have done the deed and signed up to a single parents online dating site, logged on tonight and had about 6 really freaky messages, feel a bit concerned about some of the more 'descriptive' (use your imagination) messages! Is this all just par for the course?!! I think my profile was quite normal.....

OP posts:
jamestkirk · 13/10/2010 22:47

you can add me :o i'm a single parent - tho wouldnt dare try interweb dating - is far too scarey, too many weirdos about:o

good luck :o

Lynli · 13/10/2010 22:56

would it not be better to just use a dating website and mention DCs later?

allgonebellyup · 14/10/2010 09:19

Yeah, just use one of the more popular dating sites and mention the dc at a later date - they dont have to be your major selling point?!!

girliefriend · 14/10/2010 09:27

Yes I did think that but thought meeting a single dad might have some advantages like understanding the trails and tribulations of parenting, deep sigh, think i've picked the wrong site haven't I?!

OP posts:
StellaBrillante · 14/10/2010 09:51


I too posted something here the other day, just after i had created my profile on a supposedly 'single parents' website. I did the same on the guardian's dating site ages ago and although some of the guys seemed to be lacking common-sense, it wasn't too bad - I've never gone as far as actually paying for a subscription though. However, the guys on the single parents site seemed to be something completely different and really freaked me out, especially since a lot of them haven't got children! Somebody responded to my post with the explanation that all those sites are just a 'front' end but they all link to one big database which could potentially include a 'swingers' dating site etc. Horrific!

elastamum · 14/10/2010 10:12

Single with kids is linked to loads of other sites so you get all sorts on it. It is a nightmare so I would stay off it if I where you.

Have used GSM and Times and they seem to have fewer oddballs on them. As you have to pay it seems to weed out a lot of the chancers and wierdos. Have also been on MSF but there arent nearly as many people on that and a lot of the profiles ar really old.

I treat it more as entertainment on a dull evening than anything more and have had some really nice dates

SolidButShamblingUndeadBrass · 14/10/2010 10:22

All dating sites attract a percentage of desperate freaks and wierdos, you just have to weed them out.

girliefriend · 14/10/2010 19:50

Am feeling a bit sick now, should have probably checked on here first but was feeling spontaneous when I signed up! Great Hmm

OP posts:
UtterlyDevastated · 14/10/2010 20:00

solid, can I ask how you weed out the losers?

SolidButShamblingUndeadBrass · 14/10/2010 23:50

If they say something weird, or rude, or send a picture of their willy, or the message is obviously a totally generic one that they are sending to everyone they even suspect might be female, ignore and move on to the next one.
And never put 'looking for fun' in your own ad, as this is dating site code for 'Up for sex on the first meeting'.

allhallowsandwine · 14/10/2010 23:59

i have dated online in the past and would be very doubiouse about who id meet an exclusive single parent site...all that said i have dated on plentyoffish and had many a message from a freakish deadbeat, have been signed up on here for 3 yrs been on 2 dates with 2 single dads one of wich was a toytal fuck i dated for 2 weeks and the other a lovely guy i still keep intouch with but just felt i was stronger than him...since i have given up on dateing as i just dont have the time or incling for it...however it was refreshing and interesting and helped me realise actually i dont think i want to date. if you feel you do want to date and can justify or afford to pay i would go with I did like this site did chose not to date some very lovely men I chatted to for some time, amognst some trash, dont feel down heartened by it, its just the way of online dating you need to filter out the trash and only feel obliged to reply to those who catch your eye. Good luck hope have better staying power than I had. x

northernrock · 16/10/2010 10:16

I wouldn't go on a site that was specifically for single parents. It just could attract a shedload of dodgy men (and apparently it has)

If men are on there and they don't even have kids my alarms bells would be ringing like crazy!

I am on GSL and don't even mention that I have a child, but coincidentally have mainly been out with men who have kids too.

Sometimes that is a good thing, but the other night I had a date with a guy who was still really bitter about his ex (and unfortunately I was increasingly on her side!) So the break up and bad feeling has to be well in the past.

salizchap · 18/10/2010 21:00

I won't go on a lone parents site. Maybe I am being paranoid, but I would imagine it being a magnet for paedos looking out for vulnerable desperate single mums.

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