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The one thing that gets me down the most

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BertieBotts · 01/10/2010 20:41

about being on my own with DS is the complete lack of spontaneity. I hate how every time I do get some freedom and a chance to go out I am constantly checking the time to see what time I need to be back. It's like living at home and having a curfew again :(

I feel a bit cheated as well because when I split up with XP I always thought that he'd be taking DS overnight by now, but he's been so sketchy with contact anyway (and various issues) that I'm reluctant to agree to overnight stays TBH.

Does this get better as they get older? So envious ATM of married couples who can go out leaving their husband/wife in charge of the children and not have to be back by a certain time so that the babysitter can go home, etc.

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iwillmakeit · 01/10/2010 21:20

Hi there, I know how you feel, I can only go out if pre arranged with my sitters(mum&dad) and dad always want an exact eta! But, and its a huge one! I NEVER relaxed if I left H in charge as he seriously clocked watched, I even gave up trying on/buying clothes as he had to come too and then pressured my into hurrying so much it wasnt worth it!.

Am better off as he does do the odd overnight but I have to tell him when, he never offers and this is a very new thing.

Set the alarm on your phone to give you enough time to get back, stopps the checking and think back, maybe like me its actually easier this way, I am still only slowly remembering how things used to b and how much better the are now and thats with me now, single, lonely, pissed off at the happily marrieds etc!

Hope this helps a tad x

BertieBotts · 01/10/2010 23:42

Yes, true, I never went out when I was with XP either. I don't mind having to arrange stuff in advance it's just that I always seem to have to leave just as things are getting good, and it gets me down.

I'm not pissed off at happily married people either, just sometimes wish I could have a nice trustworthy adult around to be there for DS as well :)

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