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justsue · 27/08/2010 00:25

Hi all, Do not know if I should post this but has anyone ever thought of posting on here to say "I would like to meet etc etc from such and such a area blah blah blah.

Or is this not allowed?

Just a thought, we all come on here to make friends virtual and in RL so why not make the most of contacts. I am sure this must of been done already and I just think I am being a smart person lol x

OP posts:
FallingWithStyle · 27/08/2010 00:28

Have you had a look at the local section?
There's also the meet-up section.
hold on will get some links....

belledechocolatefluffybunny · 27/08/2010 00:29

That's what mumsnet local is for sue, you can ask if anyone wants to meet up there and they are from your area Smile

FallingWithStyle · 27/08/2010 00:39

Ok, I'm crap at links but if you click on 'topics' up there ^ then scroll down and you'll see 'mumsnet local' - tons of different areas in there. Also under 'mumsnet stuff' you'll find the meet-ups section.
Hopefully there'll be people from your area looking to meet up too.

swallowedAfly · 27/08/2010 17:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

FallingWithStyle · 27/08/2010 22:26

Oh...I didn't think of that!
Yes, you could be right. That would be car crash interesting Grin

swallowedAfly · 28/08/2010 11:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

RedBlueRed · 28/08/2010 11:58

I'm a lone parent too but I would stop using Mumsnet if it turned into a dating site.

Please no.

swallowedAfly · 28/08/2010 12:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

RedBlueRed · 28/08/2010 16:03

My god can you imagine sharing all your woes, insecurities and worst personality traits with potential dates?
And we couldn't do post mortems on our dates as the other party would be reading.

It would Never Work.

I like the fact that this is a fairly platonic site - like when I go out with my couple friends, it just feels relaxed and easy.

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