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Argggggh! Its party time

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nikkie · 28/08/2005 22:39

My dd2 is 4 in 2 weeks, we booked the party ages ago and got the last slot for that w/e started giving out invites today and found out one of dd1s best friend is having her party at almost the exact same time(and they got the last slot at their place too).
So neither of us can change and the majority of kids don't overlap except for dd1(we have said she can have an hour at each) and some of her friends who also play with dd2.
Our new plan is to go bowling on the Fri after school with dd1s friends and dd2 and dd2s best friend so they can celebrate .
Can't have anything at home at the mo as we have buikders and house is a mess.
Does this sound ok?

OP posts:
xstitchmum · 30/08/2005 22:51

Your new plan to go bowling sounds great it combines all parties and satifies everyone at the same time..........great idea......have fun

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