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to not really be bothered

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dustycups · 21/08/2010 00:15

with a relationship, just want some god damn sex!!!

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nowherewoman · 21/08/2010 00:25

That's how it starts though isn't it?

ChaoticAngel · 21/08/2010 00:25

Nothing wrong with that Grin

dustycups · 21/08/2010 00:49

fair point! just got to find some!

OP posts:
ChaoticAngel · 21/08/2010 01:12


It's free for women, take your time cos there's loads more men then women on there so you can basically take your pick. If you do decide to go on there expect to be unindated with emails at first, don't feel you have to answer them all.

Above all don't forget safety first.

dylsmum1998 · 21/08/2010 01:25

ok was going to ask where you supposed to find time to find someone, as have been on own for way to long and feeling rather Hmm bored. now you have answered my question chaotic. now to have the guts to even look at the site, let alone contact someone [chicken emoticon]

ChaoticAngel · 21/08/2010 01:41


I joined, left a couple of hours later, then rejoined again after a couple of weeks. It took me that long to get up the nerve to rejoin.

dylsmum1998 · 21/08/2010 01:43

ok so i joined
some guy sent me a chat thing and i cancelled the site membership

ITs gonna be a long process isn't it Hmm

ChaoticAngel · 21/08/2010 02:02

Sounds like it lol

The chat thingy, you can say no which is what I tend to do then check the profile afterwards. Having said that I've only actually met one man off there and that's because he sent me an email that was respectful and had good grammar/spelling (I'm a bit of a snob even when just considering who I'll meet Blush)

I've recently met someone else but he's off another (normal dating)site.

dustycups · 21/08/2010 09:02

wow, i was quite drunk when i started this thread!!

chaotic can women meet other women on it, as im gay, dont want to venture there and get hounded by men!

OP posts:
ChaoticAngel · 21/08/2010 09:19

Yes, you can but I think you would have to pay a membership fee. The reason it's free to women looking for men is because men outnumber women considerably.

If you do go on then you'll probably get quite a few men mailing you or asking to chat, at least to start with, but just ignore them.

dustycups · 21/08/2010 09:33

aint that discrimation though!

have you ever tried a friend recommended it as she has guys come round for threesomes with her and her dp from it, but im not sure!

OP posts:
shimmerysilverglitter · 21/08/2010 09:37


Me too.

Actually I want someone to see once a week, take me out somewhere nice and then give me a good seeing too and I want him to be happy with that without trying to take it any further.

Any takers?

ChaoticAngel · 21/08/2010 09:46

No, I haven't tried that one. There are others but they seem to be pay too. Yes, it's discrimination but they seem to get away with it.

I forgot to mention the forums on it are free to use so you could register, look around and see what you think.

dustycups · 21/08/2010 09:51

have checked it out and i as long as you r female you dont pay!

shimmery definatly check out these websites, cos there r plenty of guys who would be happy to be like that! sounds like the perfect lifestyle!

OP posts:
shimmerysilverglitter · 21/08/2010 10:11

Really? That sounds promising.

I thought it seemed too selfish. I have two dc one with ASD and I don't want another live in partner ever again, just someone to have a laugh with. Will check them out.

dustycups · 21/08/2010 10:30

and if all else fails ill come give you a good seeing to if ya like Grin!!

OP posts:
knickers0nmyhead · 21/08/2010 15:14


Ok, so I know the name isn't great....but, it's good for singles (same sex also) to meet for 'fun'.

shimmerysilverglitter · 21/08/2010 16:41

I dunno.

I don't just want a shag, I want a laugh and a bit of adult company followed by that if I feel like it Grin.

I don't really want that to be the total expectation that I am 100% going to put out, which I think it would be on a site like that.

Maybe I am just very selfish and want it all my own way.

dylsmum1998 · 21/08/2010 17:48

Shimmery thats what was worrying me with the site, I feel the same. I need to think about this more

shimmerysilverglitter · 21/08/2010 22:52

Blush Grin only just seen that dustycups!

dustycups · 21/08/2010 23:17

sorry couldnt resist!!

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