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poopeeplops · 15/07/2010 21:03

Hi looking for anyone in the same boat, i have just had a 'back to work meeting' and a 'better off' meeting at job centre and it turns out i would be worse off if i returned to work!

I dont have any support from baby's dad so its just me and my income, I love my job but physically couldnt do it unless i live in a tiny place , centre of london and never see my child for childcare and even then it works out im in minus figures already according to 'better off' meeting.

Im happy to leave work but never thought i would be living solely on benefits and have always paid my way and worked 60-90 hrs a wk as it was my dream job and now i have to scrap it all, dont get my wrong i adore my baby and would gladly do this but it doesnt make it any easier to swallow. Anyone else here living on benefits - whats it like? is there light at then end of the tunnel to return to a good job in the future???

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