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Mortgage - EWS1 certificate

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Zara84 · 15/06/2023 13:23

Afternoon all

I have had a right nightmare scenario getting my mortgage sorted - long story short we are doing shared ownership on a new build house which is part of a cluster of houses/flats - the house itself is a 2 storey 3 bed but the surveyor for lender has now asked for a ews1 form which is related to the external walls following the Grenfell disaster: the housing association don’t think it applies as it’s a house but nevertheless have provided one as they were able to get one for the cluster or new builds all in1 if that makes sense - I have now sent on to the lender but haven’t heard back it’s been 2 days - mortgage broker has been chasing also but she seems to have gone mum, anyone been Ina. Similar situation where such a document was requested following survey, once provided was it all ok? Apologies just very anxious we started the process in feb and now it’s june!

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Coffeeandacatchup · 15/06/2023 13:41

Hi, I process mortgages. The certificate will be sent to the lender, who will then send it to the surveyor. This could take a few days depending on the volume of business being processed. Sit tight, I'm sure it will be fine.

Zara84 · 15/06/2023 13:49

@Coffeeandacatchup ah thanks for your reply! Just getting really anxious about it all but sounds like it’s just BAU timings with these things! Thanks !

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