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How to move from one flat share to another inexpensively

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ssd · 07/01/2023 15:06

Ds is moving from one flat share to another. He's by himself, has various bits and pieces to move, bike, chair ,tv etc. No big pieces of furniture like sofa etc.

Going from south London to nearer Wembley. A van would do it in one swoop place to place.

Does anyone know how to arrange this? We dont live near him so cant help out.

OP posts:
ssd · 07/01/2023 15:08

Hes never driven himself in London so i think it'd be better him paying someone and going in the van with them instead of him hiring a van and doing it himself.

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VanCleefArpels · 07/01/2023 15:08

He should go on local Facebook page and ask for recommendations for man plus van type thing. Assuming he can’t drive? If he can then hiring a car or using zipcar might be feasible depending on how much stuff he has

ssd · 07/01/2023 15:09

Also need something reliable. Hes stuffed if someone lets him down.

OP posts:
VanCleefArpels · 07/01/2023 15:09

Ah cross post re the driving!

if not on Facebook the good old Google plus looking at reviews on trustpilot

NoSquirrels · 07/01/2023 15:09

Tons of ‘man with van’ services in London. He just needs to Google it.

GlassBunion · 07/01/2023 15:12

A request for a 'man with a van' on a local trading page might do. Checkatrade or similar might offer you something quite quickly.

Maybe Google 'man with a van' for that location.

ssd · 07/01/2023 17:50


How does he check the man with a van will be reliable and decent?

OP posts:
ssd · 07/01/2023 17:52

Whats a local trading place? Do you mean Facebook? What sort of thing would he look for?
He's near isle of dogs

OP posts:
FuckabethFuckor · 07/01/2023 17:57

He might be best asking other flatmates/work colleagues for recommendations. The flatshare moving market is its own thing. Someone he knows might have a mate with a van, or a big estate car, who'd be willing to help for half a day in exchange for a takeaway and some beers at the end.

If he wants something a bit more professional the big firms in this market are Aussie Man & Van, and Gentleman & A Van. I've used both, although not recently.

VanCleefArpels · 07/01/2023 21:55

ssd · 07/01/2023 17:50


How does he check the man with a van will be reliable and decent?

check on trustpilot or checkatrade for reviews

BoomDiddy · 13/04/2023 15:10

I've moved stuff via 'man with a van' getting quotes from this site.

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