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Friends over 50

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Candy500 · 06/12/2022 18:27

Anyone else find themselves in their mid 50s wandering around shopping on their own, doing Christmas build up stuff on their own largely due to a dwindling friendship circle? My partner is not interested in going out very much and has different interests. When I go out and about I do think how many other women of this age with children left home etc are in the same situation - a situation which can easily descend into acute loneliness. I go to Oxford St /and am planning to go to some Christmas fairs etc but some people I know have no interest in going. I regret not joining more groups etc but do struggle to do that as it seems hard to find people with similiar interests. Anyone else out there in the same situation or any ideas??

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sittingonacornflake · 06/12/2022 18:31

No ideas but solidarity. However coming from a possibly more difficult position of being in my early 30s with a small child at home and as a single parent living in Cornwall it's hard to find groups let alone find the childcare to join them.

But I know what you mean. On my days off I might pop over to a local town and I feel the same as you - wouldn't it be nice to do this with someone. To not feel alone.

Cazs818 · 06/12/2022 18:31

Recently separated 41 , mother to 5 and found my friendship circle diminish overnight

the few that remained are very flaky and cancel plans last minute that’s if there up for making any in the first place ,

it’s hard I’ve joined some local friendships websites with no joy … no sure what’s happened to the coffee / shopping trips 🤷‍♀️ most people I see out and about are on there own too

EmmaAgain22 · 06/12/2022 18:34

have you looked on Meetup for London groups?

I am 46 and tried for my area, no luck but if you are happy at Central London things, I bet there's loads.

also had social group vanish over lockdown. I think many of us are in the same boat.

Candy500 · 06/12/2022 18:35


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Candy500 · 06/12/2022 18:36

Yes I must check the meet up groups again.

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OrpingtonWings · 06/12/2022 18:44

Clubs that have a social aspect are a great way to go. Our gym has a very active social side which if you go to the gym you’re invited to. Same with our running club. I appreciate sport isn’t for everyone but lots of other types of clubs. I find it is easier to make friends when the reason you are there is to do an activity.

Candy500 · 06/12/2022 22:44

Yes - agree about activities focus being better

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