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Council housing

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mamaiscool · 10/05/2022 15:23

Hi all,

Currently on the housing list in one of the London boroughs but not likely that we will get it within the next few years.

I was just wondering if you can apply to more than one council for social housing or it's strictly one only


OP posts:
DitzyBluebells · 18/05/2022 04:53

Yes you can apply to multiple councils. Some have an open list meaning anyone can apply to join. Some want you to have a local connection eg family, old friends or a job in the area before they'll let you on the list. Some won't help you unless the law says they have to eg if you're homeless in their area or something like that and they have a duty of care towards you. If you don't mind where in the UK you live then get contacting all the councils to see if you can join their list.

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