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Hit me up with some Shoreditch recommendations please!

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ImALittlePea · 11/04/2022 15:57

I've got a weekend coming up in London with my best friend who I haven't seen since pre covid (we live in different countries). We're staying in the Shoreditch area and I'm after some recommendations for that area (we'd prefer not to have to use underground or go too far from this area).

Firstly, I'd love to go to a rooftop or sky bar for drinks/dinner and drinks. I've seen the Sky Bar and a place called Sweeney's (I think) that both look interesting - can anyone recommend either/both? Or somewhere different? Food not essential but a nice vibe/view would be preferable.

Secondly - food!! Any suggestions of nice places for food? Doesn't have to be high end by any stretch, but expect it may be better to book at least one meal so we know what we're doing. No cuisine is off limits, we both like most things (have a strong bond over pizza) but I don't eat seafood/fish at all.

Thirdly - activities. Our general plan is to mooch, go to the markets etc, but thought we might book something to 'do' on the Saturday. Have seen a few things in the area that look like a bit of a low key laugh - crazy golf (Swinger's/Junkyard), Hijingo bingo, Flight club etc. What's good? Anything else that's worth a visit in the area?

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ImALittlePea · 11/04/2022 17:47

Bumping in the hope of some replies 🤞😁

OP posts:
Snoodleberry · 11/04/2022 17:50

Ballie Ballerson. Amazing cocktails and gives you the chance to leap about in a ball pit without children - lots of fun but surprisingly hard work. 🥳

Katrinawaves · 11/04/2022 17:52

The Boundary has a nice rooftop bar and the restaurant is also lovely

ohthejoysoftoddler · 11/04/2022 17:57

Smokestak, hawksmoor bar, pizza east are some decent places to eat in that area.

You'll get a lot of mileage in strolling around. If you are there on Sunday, a walk to Columbia road flower market is always lovely.

CarmenThePanda · 11/04/2022 17:58

Columbia Rd Flower Market on Sunday morning is lovely. Not just flowers. Food, arty artisan stuff etc

The Museum of The Home is within walking distance, I like the rooms from different era

aramox1 · 11/04/2022 17:59

Vietnamese food next to the museum of thr home- lots of places, no need to book usually

ArtVandalay · 11/04/2022 18:02

We stayed at the Mondrian recently.

It was too cold to sample the rooftop bar, but the hotel is lovely. Incredibly well appointed room - small but luxurious and it had a steam shower. Cocktails and food were excellent.

We also are at Sagardi which was fab.

CarmenThePanda · 11/04/2022 19:06

Yes, the Vietnamese cafes and restaurants in the area are great.

elidelochanthefirst · 11/04/2022 19:07

Flight club is fun so is the golf... I prefer flight club as more relaxed as you have a booth so you can eat, drink, play whereas the golf is more moving around!

Have you heard of Dennis Severs House / it's this amazing house museum in Shoreditch. Really cool if you like history

ImALittlePea · 12/04/2022 07:37

Thanks all!

I like the look of the museums, so have bookmarked those as a potential.

Ballie Ballerson doesn't look like our cup of tea; I for one would feel a bit old and out of place there! 😂

Good to know there's nice places you don't have to book for food.

Has anyone been to Dishoom? Is it nice / or overhyped?

OP posts:
ann6359 · 12/04/2022 08:18

Lahpet is a Burmese restaurant in Shoreditch which is lovely, interesting curries, nodule bowls also reasonably priced. Went there on Saturday for lunch. Dishoom is good but you can’t always book.

NotMyDayJob · 12/04/2022 08:34

The rooftop bar at the Boundary is really nice and is just across the road from Dishoom which is one of my favourite places. I believe you can now book (positive consequences of covid!)

Jammylodger · 12/04/2022 08:38

dishoom is great but hard to get into - I would recommend Delamina for the best food in the area -- really interesting unusual and delicious variety - lots of veggie but good for everyone

Columbia Road - amazing but SO busy - worth going early or later in day to avoid the crowds

ann6359 · 12/04/2022 09:11

Noodle bowls, not nodule bowls!!!

ohthejoysoftoddler · 12/04/2022 12:24

Dishoom is great, and the one on shoreditch is in a lovely setting.

Cinnamon club is well rated as an alternative Indian food.

Cake from Konditor in Liverpool Street is always fab!

ImALittlePea · 13/04/2022 08:09

Thanks so much everyone, some great suggestions to go on!

OP posts:
RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 13/04/2022 15:16

I had an unpleasant experience in Cinnamon and wouldn’t go again. Dishoom nicer imo. Yes to the Museum of the Home. I walked past that ball place one evening and it looked like my idea of hell.

TheSummerPalace · 13/04/2022 15:31

There is a great Spanish restaurant up Columbia Rd, if you go to the flower market on Sunday. It’s called Laxeiro or something like that. It’s not flash, but their paella (and the tapas) are great in our opinion. You need to get there early at lunchtime!

The Vietnamese restaurants are along Kingsland Rd. We’ve tried quite a few - they all seem good. Or, there’s Cay Tre (spelling ?) on Old Street, near the old Shoreditch Town Hall and Courthouse (now a hotel).

Hoxton Sq has quite a few bars and restaurants!

If you walk down towards Liverpool St station, you can take a detour to the left to Brick Lane. It’s wall to wall Indian restaurants; but we find the street food stalls much more interesting! There are also arty craft stalls in an indoor market, just by Brick Lane (and more street food stalls).

There is also two bagel shops near by - one is called Bagel Bake. They are well known.

If we want to go to an Indian, we go to Tayabs in Whitechapel. It’s authentic, as recommended to us, by a colleague from Pakistan. Hot though!

BlueSpottedGiraffe · 13/04/2022 15:46

I don't have much else to add other than Flight club is really great fun so I recommend that!

TheDogsMother · 13/04/2022 15:54

Denis Severs House is a fascinating experience.

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