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Lunch in Soho

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BrennieGirl · 11/03/2022 18:14

There seems to be about a million restaurants in Soho and my brain can't cope!

My sister and I are spending the day in London in a couple of weeks so I need a recommendation for somewhere very nice for a leisurely mid week lunch around Soho please.

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YesThisIsMe · 11/03/2022 20:10

Noble Rot is lovely.

BrennieGirl · 11/03/2022 22:05


Anybody else?

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thebigpurpleone · 11/03/2022 22:07

What kind of food do you love/hate?
Flat iron is always a safe bet. Dishoom carnaby if you like Indian. Lina Stores for Italian.

biddybid73 · 11/03/2022 22:15

Cafe Zedel? Near Piccadilly Circus with great French food at a reasonable price

BrennieGirl · 11/03/2022 22:16

I love Indian but I think maybe something a bit lighter for lunch. I'll eat pretty much anything except marmite!! Maybe somewhere a bit posh since it's our big day out.

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YellowAndGreenToBeSeen · 11/03/2022 22:25

Honestly, just walk about and see what you fancy. Soho midweek lunch is very accessible for walk ins.

I recommend Bara Fina, Tapas Brisinda, Bocca di Lupo, Polpo as easy access / small plates.

And Andrew Edmunds for being my all time favourite Soho restaurant.

FinallyHere · 11/03/2022 22:25

Not too far away, probably a 15min walk and definitely worth a detour for me is

FinallyHere · 11/03/2022 22:26

If you are looking for an Instagram moment, then you may prefer

Abridget7 · 11/03/2022 22:28

Zedel or Wolseley

NewYearEveryYear · 11/03/2022 22:29

I love a bit of Quo Vardis.

Or as PP says, Noble Rot.

YellowAndGreenToBeSeen · 11/03/2022 22:34

Oh, and 10 Greek St is lovely.

mrsjackrussell · 12/03/2022 23:38

Bocca de lupo. Beautiful Italian food.

Davros · 15/03/2022 23:59

Zedel is a good suggestion

BrennieGirl · 16/03/2022 16:47

I decided on the Wolesley but couldn't get a table. So second choice is Zedel.

OP posts:
MommySharkdadada · 16/03/2022 16:51

Charlotte Street Hotel is gorgeous for lunch! Better than Zedel imho!

Davros · 16/03/2022 17:09

The Wolsley is alright, I don't think it's anything special. I much prefer the Delaunay but that's at the Aldwych

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