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Looking to relocate and commute to Liverpool St

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mumlife6 · 22/07/2021 12:38

My husband has a new job based near Liverpool St and we would like to find a nice area to relocate to away from London but commutable in to Liverpool St once or twice a week. We were thinking near Colchester as it's near the coast for good quality of life but the train fares seem so expensive. Would anyone mind recommending nice locations with no more than a 45-60 min train journey into Liverpool St please that would be nice for a young family. Ideally with not too expensive commuting costs but I might be asking too much Smile. Thanks

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mumlife6 · 22/07/2021 15:03

Anyone? Thanks

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PotteringAlong · 22/07/2021 15:05

Commuting costs are going to be astronomical. You need to take that into account. What’s your budget?

ladybranstonpickle · 22/07/2021 15:13

Epping, Theydon Bois, Abridge...if you're willing to drive to the Tube station then look out into Essex. Central line train goes direct to Liverpool St.

Definitely affordable pockets in between the expensive bits. Plus you have the option of the overground trains too, although more expensive than the Tube.

mumlife6 · 22/07/2021 19:41

Thanks both. Budget is around £700k. I will get researching.

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Bella6686 · 22/08/2021 09:30

What about Enfield area? Or Broxbourne? Direct trains into Liverpool St from both areas.

Chewbecca · 22/08/2021 09:33

Shenfield is a nice area with a great commute to Liv St that isn’t too ££, e.g. this

WimpoleHat · 22/08/2021 09:34

Bishops Stortford?

pregnantpeppa · 22/08/2021 09:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AwkwardPaws27 · 22/08/2021 09:46

Gidea Park - still in Zone 6, so reasonable costs. About 35 min to Liverpool Street.

Billericay is nice, a bit closer than Colchester. If only going in a couple of times a week I'd probably go for one of the villagey areas on the outskirts.

Leigh-on-sea. The c2c line is a bit more reasonably priced and goes to Fenchurch Street instead.

changingstages · 22/08/2021 09:51

We are in a small town outside of Colchester and we love it. In the before times, I commuted every day to Stratford, or to Liverpool St if I had early meetings with clients. I'll be going back 3 days a week soon.
Some things to bear in mind:
The cost is insane. £6k a year.
When that train line goes wrong, hoooo boy does it go wrong. Be prepared to become intimately acquainted with the Greater Anglia delay repay website.

But we do really, really love where we live - friendly, loads to do, really good cultural life, easy access to the sea and the country. It's worth it for us.

Bagelsandbrie · 22/08/2021 09:51

Don’t move further up towards Norfolk / Suffolk than Colchester. We moved from South London to Diss thinking we’d commute and the trains are so unreliable and consistently late / delayed / stopped due to a leaf on the line that it hasn’t been viable to keep doing that at all - I know some people do, however and no doubt you’ll have 100s of people come along in a minute to flame me and tell me I’m talking rubbish. We ended up packing it in and working locally for much less money but better quality of life. We don’t regret moving at all and love it here but the trains are a nightmare.

Howshouldibehave · 22/08/2021 09:53

the train fares seem so expensive

But they just are!

Lykia · 22/08/2021 09:54

Leigh on Sea or Thorpe Bay- on the c2c line however just a short stroll/couple of stops to Liverpool St.

Or Bishop's Stortford -train goes to Liverpool St.

Yazoop · 22/08/2021 10:00

Look at Chingford and other areas bordering Essex or Hertfordshire that have direct links into Liv St. For 700k, you could get a decent 3 bed house with a good garden in a green and pleasant area (with lots of amenities) a short walk from Chingford station which is on TFL overground (zone 5) and takes 25 mins to Liverpool Street. There are other similar areas to explore in budget on the outskirts of North/East London. You may be able to get more space further out of London but you’ve got to factor in costs and commute time and stress (plus having London amenities and links versus those that probably won’t have as much investment).

Chewbecca · 22/08/2021 10:03

If Leigh on Sea is in the running, this is a good choice. It costs under £20 to get into London and is 10-15 mins walk from Fen to Liv.

Yazoop · 22/08/2021 10:12
DentonsFringeArnottsWaistcoat · 22/08/2021 10:39

For that budget you can even fort as close as Buckhurst Hill on the central line for example. Not necessarily detached, but there’s a few nice semi/terraced houses, mostly three bed but one four bed too, on Rightmove. Walkable to the tube station too. I used to live there, it was lovely for families then, assuming it’s stayed that way. Any closer on the central line and it starts to get a bit pricier. You might not get a big garden though, otoh there’s a lot of green space and you’re at the edges of the forest.

AnnaSW1 · 22/08/2021 11:01


tigerbreadandtea · 22/08/2021 13:14

North Chingford or Highams Park - under half an hour into liverpool st

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