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Buying a house in Hatfield

2 replies

Guul · 29/05/2021 16:54

Hi everyone!

I currently live in North London but I'm planning to move not too far out. I was thinking to start searching for properties in Hatfield but I'm not familiar with the area.

Is it a good area? Is it a good area to raise a child? Would you recommend it ?

Your honest opinions are much appreciated ❤️

OP posts:
Cactusowl · 29/05/2021 16:58

The girls school in Hatfield is outstanding and deserves its reputation. Hatfield town is considered a bit ropey.
Welwyn Garden City (town next door) is a nicer place to live if you can afford it.

Nowthereistwo · 29/05/2021 17:02

As pp.

We live in WGC and grew up in a local village. I'm sure Hatfield has some nice areas but it has a run down reputation.

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