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Where can I pee near Oxford Street?

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Likesicecream · 25/06/2020 20:31

I have an appt on Harley Street tomorrow and thought I might combine it with some Marylebone / Oxford Street shopping. But where can I pee? John Lewis is closed. Debenhams website says the loos are closed. Ditto the Conran Shop. Any ideas (that aren't a park!)?

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DappledOliveGroves · 25/06/2020 20:34

I think Selfridges is open?

Likesicecream · 25/06/2020 20:37

Yes! And from their website seems like they have loos. Thank you!

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Studycast · 25/06/2020 20:41


ItsInTheShed · 25/06/2020 20:42

Does it say they are open.... most are closed or staff only

PleasantVille · 25/06/2020 20:44

I heard on the radio yesterday about a webste that's been set up for people to report open loos, I don't know the name of it but I'd think you'd find it pretty easily via Google.

PammieDooveOrangeJoof · 25/06/2020 20:44

Lockdownloo I think the website is called?

PleasantVille · 25/06/2020 20:45

I'd like to do a day trip to London, the loo problem is the only thing stopping me.

Greenandcabbagelooking · 25/06/2020 20:49

M and S is open, and the ones near me have open toilets.

Likesicecream · 25/06/2020 20:49

That website is great, thank you!

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Maerchentante · 26/06/2020 18:54

If you happen to wander down to Piccadilly Circus, the loos in Whole Foods (upstairs) are open to customers.

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