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Lyceum Theatre - Restaurant/ Eating places for Teens

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Flossiefoo · 04/04/2019 23:19

We are going to see the Lion King at the Lyceum next week and have a 15yo and 17yo with us. We are going to the matinee performance and thought we'd have something to eat afterwards.
Could anyine recommend somewhere nearby or easily accessible that we could go to ? Nothing too posh, maybe somewhere cool but not outrageous with the food :-)

OP posts:
Minnie747 · 04/04/2019 23:31

All the chains are on your doorstep; pizza express, bills, zizzi, carluccios etc

What kind of food were you after?

Minnie747 · 04/04/2019 23:34

Or (again chains) Dishoom/Busaba erthai for something a bit cooler and more atmosphere. Indian and Asian fusion, respectively.

Minnie747 · 04/04/2019 23:36

Oh and maybe Homeslice, in Neil’s Yard ... for the largest pizzas going!

Flossiefoo · 05/04/2019 21:02

Nothing spicy as dd likes fairly simple but nice food. She loves Pizza ! What is homeslice like inside ? It's a special birthdat with her first bf, so would like somewhere quite funky and a little bit special

OP posts:
Flossiefoo · 05/04/2019 21:03

What is homeslice like inside ?

OP posts:
Minnie747 · 05/04/2019 22:45

Homeslice is very casual, nor somewhere I’d go for a special occasion. Big bench tables. Mind you the pizza is delicious!

Perhaps Hawksmoor, or The Ivy (Market Grill) on Henrietta Street.

I can’t think of funky + the plainish food request.

Maybe do somewhere cool in Soho for dessert after?

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