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If you could have lunch at any restaurant in London, which would it be?

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CherLooksYoungerThanMe · 10/11/2018 17:07

As above. I find myself with an unexpected day alone, so I'm going to London to treat myself to a day out. I fancy lunch somewhere lovely. What's your favourite restaurant? Central-ish preferred. Location not important yet - I have a list of things I'd like to do, and they're all over the place, I'll be narrowing down at some point. Budget also unimportant - even if I can't afford the ridiculously expensive places, it's nice to drool! And I'll eat pretty much anything.

Help me plan my perfect day!

OP posts:
Lineofbeauty · 10/11/2018 17:08

Hakkaasan. Tally Joe is nice too.

Smallinthesmoke · 10/11/2018 17:12


Polly99 · 10/11/2018 17:14

If I was having lunch alone I’d go up the Shard to Hutong. I’d have a glass of champagne and their Ma La Chilli Prawns (spicy but so good).

Otherwise I love the Ledbury, but that is one you have to book quite far in advance and Notting Hill so not so central.

Davros · 11/11/2018 00:37

Roast in Borough Market, Oxo Tower, cafe area in the Royal Exchange

LockedOutOfMN · 11/11/2018 00:46

I like Dishoom, and Barrafina. The Langham hotel at Marylebone is also nice.

Heuschrecke · 11/11/2018 06:41
witchmountain · 11/11/2018 06:44

Nopi (Ottolenghi restaurant in Soho, not far off Regent St)

Heuschrecke · 12/11/2018 07:25

Just thought of another one (more central than my Chelsea recommendation!). Shampers in Kingly Street, Soho.

practicallyperfectinmyway · 16/11/2018 00:17

Smiths in Wapping - ask for a window table overlooking the Thames.

peachypetite · 16/11/2018 00:25


RonniePasas · 16/11/2018 00:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BasiliskStare · 21/11/2018 05:29

I would second Le Colombier as above ( though have't been for a long while ) , Never been to Gordon Ramsay on Royal Hospital Road but it is sort of his flagship one isn't it so would like to once ( guess booking times an issue ) but also in the environs the Ivy Garden on the King's Road I have been to and is very nice - all handy for shopping if that is your thing afterwards or Saatchi Gallery or tube to whatever else. Yes not really central central but a nice place to have a day out. Depends what your other activities are really.

LadyLapsang · 25/11/2018 18:12


cattreats · 30/03/2019 20:23

I was going to say Orrery too. They have a really lovely set lunch menu.

SquirmOfEels · 09/04/2019 08:36

Did you choose any of these, OP?

If not, where did you go and did you like it? (often on the lookout for new places to go)

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