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Harrow Area Advice

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QuickFade · 16/05/2017 12:27


Does anyone know the Harrow area? I'm looking into moving there but struggling to find any up-to-date info about what it's really like. I've read a lot of alarming posts from a few years ago that mention rising crime, gangs and unsafe areas - is it really that bad compared to the rest of London?

To give a bit of background - my OH and I have been looking to move somewhere like Highgate, East Finchley or West Hampstead (near where we are now), but we'll be very lucky to find a nice, decent sized property to rent within our budget. It looks like we can get much more for our money around Harrow.

I think first and foremost we want somewhere that feels relatively safe (I can walk home from the station at night, for example), in walking distance from a station (we've been looking around Harrow-on-the-Hill and Kenton stations). Ideally it would also have a couple of nice cafes/pubs for when we don't want to travel into London. We don't really want to be any further out on the met line - Harrow-on-the-Hill station is at the maximum of what I want to commute!

Thanks so much in advance for any help!


OP posts:
Littlelondoner · 19/05/2017 21:43

I used to live there. It is very subburban. And lacking and charecter at all if I am honnest. All very chain restuarant and high street stores. I have never lived anywhere with such a lack of community feel. Everyone keeps them selves to their selves.

There are no pubs there other than a weatherspoons and a few chain type pubs. It is an asian area so there is not alot of night life if any. Considering the uni school and college there. It is deffiantly a missed opportunity.

It is not unpleasant. But for me it was not at all what i was looking for.

I moved from west hampstead with the hope of buying. I ended up back in west hampstead though. As buying was not be all and end all for me if I wouldn't have been happy.

Do you drive? As the met line often has works on at the weekend. And it stops at 10 in the week. As well as it being planned to be last for the night tube not for years yet.

It is a long expensive taxi ride back from town. But if you drive this is of no issue.

Benefits for me was cheap property. Descent waitrose. Fast tubes in the morning from harrow on hill to baker st in 15mins. (Deffo an issue with no trains stopping at northwick park at peak, which would be your station for kenton). I lived oppicite the school which had a cutesy village feel. Only 10 mins walk to station.

South harrow and kenton are best areas around there. Avoid wealdstone side or north harrow as it is a bit rough..ok ok very rough.

For me it could have been anywhere in the country. Felt so far removed from London. (Ok so I know technically it isn't London but you know what I mean).

ohfourfoxache · 20/05/2017 01:54

Honestly? I wouldn't. Dh and I both grew up in Stanmore and both families were there for years and years.

We moved a bit further out and we both now detest going "home".

Have you considered Northwood, or Moor Park, or Rickmansworth? Still on the Met line but they are honestly so much nicer.

mammmamia · 20/05/2017 02:42

Northwood Moor Park and Rickmansworth are further out and much much more expensive. Very nice though.

Davros · 21/05/2017 15:46

Pinner is nice but £££s

thisfalseinsight · 24/05/2017 21:51

Have you looked at Pinner? A bit further out but probably a lot closer to what you have in mind than Harrow (although substantially pricier). Harrow-on-the-Hill would probably actually meet your criteria but only if you live on the hill itself, and again prices there will be much higher than in other parts of Harrow.

If you're willing to take on a slightly longer commute, Ruislip is nice - not particularly exciting, but safe and suburban and the schools are good.

Unbias123 · 22/09/2018 08:16

I have lived in Harrow on the Hill for years. It is still an excellent place. Notwithstanding this, neighbouring Harrow and South Harrow are such depressing areas

Unbias123 · 22/09/2018 08:19

Harrow on the Hill is gorgeous. Harrow is dreadful

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