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What to do with MIL in London

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LadyEastEnd · 22/04/2017 14:23

In-laws visiting. DH is taking FIL and possibly DC 1&2 to football match. So I will be left with MIL and baby DS for the day. I'm very stuck what to do with her here in London. She's very different to me and really doesn't like crowds or busy places. She nearly passed out when I took her to Westfield a few years back! We are not particularly close and, while very pleasant, she is not a conversationalist (even small talk is a struggle) so an activity that is very engaging would be good to take the focus off the inevitable lack of conversation.

OP posts:
originalbiglymavis · 22/04/2017 14:26

A gallery maybe? Whereabouts will you be? The Wallace collection is very close to Selfridges but not too busy and they have a lovely tearoom.

OhTheRoses · 22/04/2017 14:28

Well, where shall I start, the Tate, The National, the V&A, the parks, an open top bus, Borough Market, South Bank, London Eye, Hampton Court .........

HarrietKettleWasHere · 22/04/2017 14:29

I'd probably head for Kew Gardens. Nice look around, accessible with a buggy or pram, good but if cake and a cup of tea in the cafe.

I went the other week and it's looking really lovely at the moment.

Justmadeperfectflapjacks · 22/04/2017 14:29

Depends how much he you like her. .
The Tower and leave her there? Grin

bibbitybobbityyhat · 22/04/2017 14:31

If she likes gardens, The Chelsea Physic garden is a little gem.

Greenwich is always fascinating. If she is quite fit it is worth going to the top of the hill in the park.

Museum-wise, I'd say The Geffreye in Shoreditch, The Wallace Collection or the V&A.

Earlybird · 22/04/2017 14:31

You don't say what she enjoys / is interested in, but here are some possibilities
Tate Britain
Look to see if there is an interesting exhibition at the Royal Academy, followed by afternoon tea at one of the less well known hotels (will be expensive, but lovely, with good people watching)
Chelsea Physic Garden
Visit a lesser-known museum for something interesting to do, and to avoid crowds (though that is hard to do in London)

LadyEastEnd · 22/04/2017 14:37

Wow thanks for swiftly replies - you've got me thinking now. I do like her but her quietness is hard work. If the weather is good I'll look at a garden as she likes being outside and thinks London is a concrete jungle (although she's been to Kew Gardens recently). She does like museums but it may feel like going with a stranger tagging along because of she hates to give her opinion on anything.

OP posts:
QuiteLikely5 · 22/04/2017 14:40

Ask her to babysit your youngest ?? She'd probably quite enjoy it - you go out somewhere nice

bigchris · 22/04/2017 14:43

I think it's a bit off for dh to ,leave her with you, why don't you go to the footie and he take his mum out !

HarrietKettleWasHere · 22/04/2017 14:43

River cruise down to Greenwich and the maritime museum?

LadyEastEnd · 22/04/2017 14:43

Great idea QuiteLikely! Although I think the baby would freak. He's a picky bugger! Wink

OP posts:
SquirmOfEels · 03/05/2017 14:33

Any particular bits of London you'd find easy to reach?

reetgood · 15/05/2017 13:44

Depends where you are near op? Dulwich picture gallery is good and park/ village nearby does not feel like London.

More centrally, Leighton house museum in Holland Park for some mad tiled interiors action. Less well known then some.

London has some fab parks, I like Regent's Park. Second Greenwich idea : park, national maritime, observatory, cafes, strolling... loads to look at.

MGwynzy · 15/05/2017 14:47

how about a visit to Fortnum and Mason. A browse around the store, afternoon tea, lunch or the amazing ice cream parlour. Then wander through the Burlington Arcade, visit Hatchards and browse along Piccadilly. Finally have coffee and cake in one of the many patisserie .

bibbitybobbityyhat · 15/05/2017 15:06

I suspect the day has been and gone ... this thread was started on 22nd April!

reetgood · 15/05/2017 15:41

Oops! Blush

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