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House hunting

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Yffy673 · 19/03/2017 21:25

I was just wondering whether it is possible to find a 3 bedroom property in London with good schools and easy to commute to Watford from time to time for £470k.

Am I being unrealistic?

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Babymamamama · 19/03/2017 21:26

Wouldn't it be more logical to live in Watford then? Lots more options that way around?

Yffy673 · 20/03/2017 06:38

I work in zone 1 and my husband works at home and from time to time goes into his office in Watford.

OP posts:
Babymamamama · 20/03/2017 07:50

It's just cos your budget is perfect for Watford you could get a really decent sized home near the station. But in London not so much! I dont live there but someone was taking about this area to me the other day and how nice it actually is for schools etc.

BowiesJumper · 20/03/2017 07:55

Depends on how long you are willing to commute for but if it's an hour or so then yes, in the suburbs you can get a 3 bed for that.

WJJWOO · 03/05/2017 12:39

Good Afternoon All, I am a total newbie to this sort of thing so I am hoping that I get it right. My husband and I are looking to locate to Hertfordshire, he was originally born there but hasnt been there for many years, so things will have probably changed since he was there. We will be renting initially, but I have been scouring the internet and the rents seem so different in different areas, does this mean the lower the rent the worse the area? We are looking for 2 Beds, garden, garage and preferably within walking distance to some amenities in a nice safe area..... would be extremely grateful for any feedback. Thanks in advance.

thisfalseinsight · 14/05/2017 12:47

Have you looked around Pinner? It may be out of your price range but some areas on the borders (Northwood, North Harrow) might be possible. Schools are good and you'd be on the Met line for a commute to Watford or into London (fast trains in the morning and evening). Not sure if you're thinking about primary or secondary schools but there are some Outstandings in both, and some with very strong test scores (e.g. Pinner Wood, West Lodge for primary, Nower Hill for secondary). Might be worth a look?

tissuesosoft · 14/05/2017 12:49

Pinner, Ruislip, Ickenham. In Watford- north Watford is nice for families. Avoid the Meriden and Holywell estate. Garston is nice but quite far out of Watford centre

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