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Moving to Beckenham whats it like to live there?

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NK7f8567aaX11c089f923f · 28/03/2010 19:24

We are about to move to London with our 18 month old dd, and I need some advice on areas to live in with a young family.

I will be working from home as well so I would love some advice on where to live? What are your experiences of living in Bromley / Clock House etc?

We will have what all the agents tell me is a stupidly low rental budget of 800 -900 a month for a 3 bed property (my work rules about home working mean we need a separate room for working in)and I want to live somewhere where we will all feel safe and where there is a nice creche for my daughter nearby.

We are leaving a house with a big garden here, which I know we won't get in London, but the last time I lived in London (10 years ago) I managed to rent a house behind a brothel, a fact I was oblivious to until after I'd signed up for 6 months . I can't afford to muck up like that with a little girl so I really need some advice from people who live there who also have little kids?

OP posts:
NK7f8567aaX11c089f923f · 28/03/2010 19:34

Should just clarify at the moment we have nowhere to live, we need to have moved by the 8th of May, and aside from being in budget and a good area for children (most places in our budget seem to be young childless people - where do people with kids live in London?) the key thing so I keep seeing my husband is ~40 minute commute to his work in Victoria (my work will send me back to Liverpool twice a fortnight so he needs to do pick up and drop off then).

I realise this is probably way too much information, but the people we know in London don't have kids, so their advice on where to look hasn't been helpful - if Bromley is going to be out of our price range that is good to know, but suggestions about where to go would be so nice.


OP posts:
mlol · 30/03/2010 22:33

Hi ya, I have lived in Beckenham for 37 years (apart from the odd move with work) and I love it. It has a lovely local high st with plenty of child friendly coffee rooms and restaurants. The local parks (kelsey & Beckenham Rec) are really lovely, the paddling pool at the rec has kids screaming with fun all summer and there is always an event of some sort at this park - this friday we have an easter egg hunt I shall be taking my two along to. Plenty of mother/toddler groups around the clockhouse area & St James' church is small, friendly and quieter than the others.
The train journey from Kent house (5/7 min walk from clockhouse) is just 17 mins to London Victoria & quicker if you catch a fast train from Beckenham junction (7/10 min walk)
Bromley town center is just under a 10 min drive and has all the shops you need.
Prices are high in Beckenham - renting especially as the train commute is so quick either to London Victoria or London Bridge. My brother rents out his 2 bed terrace cottage for £1000 pcm, and I have a friend who own a 1 bed flat on clockhouse road who rents out for £850 pcm.
You might be better looking at Mackenzie, Birkbeck or Ravenscroft Rd, Chaffinch, or Thayers Farm as still in beckenham, clockhouse area but prices will be slightly cheaper than if you were to move nearer the high st.
Bromley used to be cheaper than Beckenham, but I think things have evened out over the years - although there might still be a slight difference. Hope this helps, any more info - let me know x

seamsoeasy · 06/04/2010 19:07

Hi I moved to Beckenham a year ago also with two little ones and I love it. there is tons going on for the kids and the transport links for hubby who works in the city are GREAT. good luck with the move. we bought so am not sure of the rental market at all. Good luck with things..

indie37 · 06/04/2010 19:49

I live in Bromley and we're paying slightly over the odds for a two bedroomed house £1100, but it is a nice area and very quiet.
Bromley is great, good train links, nice areas. Schools good, parks nice.

Igglybuff · 06/04/2010 20:04

I live in beckenham - not far from new beckenham (and kent house station) in fact.

I agree with mlol - move towards the birkbeck end of beckenham but you're still in walking distance of the high street.

Another option is penge - but the beckenham side. It's actually quite nice and residential in parts and not far from beckenham (20 min walk). There are plenty of mother and baby groups between beckenham and penge. Trains are just as quick from penge east as kent house. It might be a bit cheaper.

If you find properties, post on here and we can let you know what the area is like!

pooka · 06/04/2010 20:15

OUr first flat was in Birkbeck Road. Lots of nice flats but I think rental prices pretty high for quite small places. I know though that in Marlow Road and surroundings there are some purpose built edwardian three bedders. Witham Road and Marlow Road deffo had those IIRC.

All this was pre-kids, but I have friends who live near Balgowan Road (so off Croydon Rd Beckenham) who love it. Lots going on.

Agree with other posters about Chaffinch Road/Mackenzie/Birkbeck/Ravenscroft Roads at the Beckenham Road end (near Beckenham Spa Leisure Centre, walkable into Beckenham High Street).

Not sure how any of this would fit in with your budget.

Somewhere else that is fab is the Bromley Common/Chatterton "Village" part of Bromley. Near Raglan Road (Pope Road, Walpole Road, Victoria Road, Albert Road, Addison Road et al). Again, am not sure of rental prices. I live not far from them and there's a good family friendly vibe in the neighbourhood, parks and dead easy commute from Bromley South to Victoria.

pooka · 06/04/2010 20:17

Also echo the Penge/Anerley suggestions. You get more for your money, but commuting just as easy.

theslumbertaker · 17/04/2010 10:14

Hi, just thought I'd say that I agree with the other posters about looking to the Beckenham/Penge borders for rental property. It is a nice quiet area and still in reach of shops/parks etc in Beckenham, but a bit cheaper. Commuting is so easy too, with several stations close by, all with direct trains to central london. I will add though that I think you will struggle to find a 3 bed house around here in that price range. I think 2 bed houses are typically 1000-1250 as far as I know, so you may need to think about compromising on the extra space or look to a different area. You would be able to find a nice 2 or 3 bed flat though I think. Good luck with your search!

inneedofagin · 19/04/2010 14:31

Thanks everyone - we have finally found somewhere - in St Albans in our budget, nothing came up in Beckenham that we could afford - thanks for the advice anyway

kUrb80 · 02/01/2015 19:35

Hi I am newbie and I am looking to rent and live in Beckenham,is a safe place and is it a family friendly area??Has any good Primary schools ,I have an 6 year old and one is on its way!!We need a quiet and safe area near London since hubby work there,and needs easy access to London and back!!Looking for 2 bedroom around £1000!!Please need guidance!

BeckenhamGirl · 18/01/2015 19:55

Hi kUrb80 you might be better starting a new thread! Beckenham is safe and very family friendly. Plenty of good schools but you need to be close to get in.

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