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Living in Tolworth?

13 replies

Lairdinlondon · 22/02/2014 21:26

We saw a lovely house today on Douglas Road, Tolworth. However, we don't know the area and wondered if anyone would be willing to give us an honest opinion of life there. We would be moving from Balham with a 2 year old and a 6 month old baby. Many thanks

OP posts:
Optimist1 · 23/02/2014 10:03

This is a great area to live (DS and family live around the corner). Houses in Douglas Rd go like hot cakes, from what I understand!

There's a good mix of ages, classes, nationalities living in the area. Plenty to do - the CornerHouse community centre has an excellent variety of interesting stuff including comedy club and film club. Tolworth Infant and Junior schools are excellent, and there's a Children's Centre on their site which is friendly and well-equipped.

From Douglas Rd you can walk to the shops on Tolworth Broadway (small Sainsburys has just opened and there are rumours that Waitrose will be taking over the site where Budgens just closed). Easy access to Surbiton and Kingston by public transport or car.

The one disadvantage of this area, IMO, is parking! Due to the age of most of the houses, almost none have off-street facilities so everyone's in competition for the spaces on the road. I'm guessing that you will have had similar or worse in Balham, though!

Lairdinlondon · 23/02/2014 15:20

Thank you Optimist1. Really encouraging :)

OP posts:
Ntinyn · 10/05/2015 09:54


I know this is an old thread but I just wondered if you bought that house on Douglas Rd in the end? Are you happy with your decision if so?

We've just seen a lovely house on the same road and would be moving with an 18m old from West Hampstead so don't the area very well.

We're currently weighing deciding between a bigger house in the Surbiton/Tolworth area or a smaller house towards a 'greener' area like Thames Ditton.

Any thoughts from anyone else would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Lunastarfish · 15/05/2015 16:01

Hi Ntinyn,

I'm not the OP but i live in Thames Ditton and last year was weighing up renting in Surbiton, Tolworth or Thames Ditton.

Thames Ditton ultimately won because the flat was much bigger (and cheaper) than what we could find in Surbiton and Tolworth in our budget. Thames Ditton is very green. It is walking distance to Hampton Court Palace and Bushy Park. It is very quaint and quiet and we feel very safe here. It is lovely when the weather is nice.

The disadvantages for me ( I don't drive but Dp does) is that the train to waterloo only runs every half and hour (although as a second stop you have a very good chance of getting a seat during rush hour). Buses are surrey buses not London buses and the service is pretty poor. It doesn't run regulalry and not at all on sundays. If you want a night out in London you will need to get off at Surbiton and jump in a cab home as the train doesn't run late. The same for Kingston, you will have to get a cab as buses don't run late and there is no direct train.

The other disadvantage for me is that we have three corner shops and a green grocers but not supermarket 'local' shops. if you need to grab a few items for dinner/top up shop you really need to go to Surbiton for sainsbury or East Moseley for Tesco.

On the plus side, it is pubs and restuarants galore! TD is a nice lifestyle if you want a quieter life.

My DP is originally from Surbiton and he was dead against us living in Tolworth. He said it was rough when he was younger. I was quite happy to live there as it has London buses and a large parade of shops including Iceland, Sainsbury local and M&S. However, it is very close to the A3 and the few flats we viewed there we could hear the droning of the road. Parking is also a problem.

On balance, I would prefer to live in Surbiton. It has a decent high street (to be a loser I like having a starbucks and M&S nearby), it has a fast train to Waterloo (15 minute journey) and lots of London buses. Has a waitrose and sainsbury. But because of the train you will most likely pay more than you will in TD. That said, having lived in TD for 6 months now, when I go into Surbiton it always seems crazy busy and I look forward to getting back to the peace of TD(!)

Megs1987 · 30/07/2020 23:22

We are looking at house on Tolworth Road...does anyone have any views on what this area is like, is it safe and also what the local schools are like?


KitNCaboodle · 31/07/2020 23:55

Hi Mags,
I live in Tolworth and love lots of aspects of it. There’s a good community spirit building, it has good transport links and some handy shops along the Broadway.
You get more house for your money this way, compared to Surbiton and the local schools are very good.

Rosasey · 30/12/2020 18:29

Hi Megs1987, we are looking to buy a 3 bed house around Surbiton but it seems like we can get a bigger house in Tolworth. Have you bought one yet? If so what is your thoughts for the area? Thanks

KitNCaboodle · 24/01/2021 23:20

@Rosasey where are you looking? Have you had your questions answered?

ruobby · 26/01/2021 21:26

Hi, we are looking to buy a house in Malvern Rd, are the local school good? We have a 1 year old.

KitNCaboodle · 26/01/2021 22:21

Most local schools are very good.
Tolworth is fairly close to you there and has a very good reputation locally.

Rosasey · 22/03/2021 20:49

[quote KitNCaboodle]@Rosasey where are you looking? Have you had your questions answered?[/quote]
@KitNCaboodle we are still searching. I have seen this beautiful house Sandhurst Avenue which I like a lot but cant make up our minds about it. Its fairy far from the station also worried about the savage smell. Any thoughts about Sandhurst Avenue? Thanks

KitNCaboodle · 10/06/2021 22:46

I’m so sorry I have only just seen this! What did you decide in the end? Sandhurst is more Berrylands than Tolworth and a fairly popular area.

Sunnyday321 · 10/06/2021 22:51


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